Hindsight is 2020 — Top 20 furry news stories of last year (Part 1)

by Patch O'Furr

My chihuahua was amazed when I sneezed and fireworks exploded over the city. She stopped shaking and did a head tilt, like “did you do that?”

It was New Year’s Eve, and catching a plague kept me from going out. But pets like attention when there’s scary noise, and it made time to write.

This list is for articles at Dogpatch Press. That’s not the only way to get furry news, but how easy is it to get? Trust 1132 published articles here. It takes tons of work that few will do. Or ask those who start new sites, because great intentions often only last a few weeks. (RIP Good Fur News, Jan-Feb 2019).

This site has 6 years in service because it’s about DIY power, like a little sneeze really has power to make fireworks. It starts with one fan, but it needs everyone who sends tips, support, or guest writing, and makes art and events. That’s why 2020’s plans include supporting Moonraiser’s furry blog, a regular guest roundup of furry comics, and too many projects to ever finish (the site has hundreds on file).

These stories aren’t just from 2019. There’s some older ones that had revived or ongoing interest in the year. They’re not ordered by most viewed on top (some of them are deeper dives into brief/specific stories) — but these were the top 20 listed in a way that makes a snapshot of a subculture.

1. Art business and careers. Furry artists among top highest-paid Patreon creators, but face threats to their livelihood.

This 2018 article brings traffic every week. It has evergreen topics for hungry artists, like adult art business, insecurity about rules and art theft.

2. Deep wallets and love for creators. A look at furry business with a $17,017 record fursuit auction price, July 2018.

The fursuit auction record stands unbroken since 2018, and it more than doubled in 5 years. Where do sales happen now? After the end of auction site Furbid (1999-2015), Furbuy went down in 2019, leaving only The Dealer’s Den to serve the fandom until it returns.

3. Hearts bigger than their wallets. The impact of Dogbomb on the furry fandom and charity to cure ALS.

The story of Dogbomb’s life ended in April, but his afterlife goes on. It’s not just a news story, but a movement on social media, a big chunk of all fandom charity donations, and a rare level of mainstream crossover with charity events in many locations.

4. Antidote to negativity. Meet Emma the Tiger – A Showcase of Fandom Love from BLFC 2018.

This story of bullying and positive response gets steady views from some Youtube videos citing it.

5. Fierce independence. How furries resist a commercialized fandom (Parts 1-3)

It’s a deeper dive into a story that briefly hit mainstream news — When furries attack: Zweitesich criticized for marketing fursuits as expensive luxuries. A fursuit maker had a marketing misfire and got dogpiled like an invasive outsider. It connected business and bullying, with the highest ideals of independent creators and the worst excess of social media negativity. The deep dive looks at why it happened, with complicated conclusions because both DIY power and Disney-type fandom are furry roots.

6. Shared lore. Original species of furry fandom: an overview.

Rune’s guest article talks about furries creating their own worlds and species, like Dutch Angel Dragons, Sergals, or Protogens.

7. Events with style. Galactic Camp: a furry con takes flight on the USS Hornet, Feb 23, 2019.

There was a furry con on an aircraft carrier. I called it the cutting edge of turning swords to plowshares. The cool/weird factor got high notice on Reddit with Galactic Camp sets record with 742 furries, a San Francisco Bay warship and a Soviet time traveler.

8. How to get inside. A Newcomer’s Guide To Furry Terms and Customs.

The secret is there is no secret. Being a fan means doing it organically because you love it. The story is an Onion-style shitpost/prank (the site is zine style with occasional entertainment like that). It was made to satirize boring “Furry 101” news that used to be the only kind outsiders saw. This one keeps getting mistaken for the real thing.

9. Constant Queerdness. 5 STAR VISIT: Furry gets Airbnb room in San Francisco, finds furry yiff art on the wall.

It’s goofy entertainment but not a prank. An encounter with furry yiff art “in the wild” showed the queer/weird side of fandom that helps make it thrive. You could also call it loveable Furry Trash (like fun trash movies, which isn’t an insult.)

10. Classic Queerdness. Q&A with Biohazard, artist of the infamous “Too Hot for PBS” auction video.

More of the queer/weird side of fandom that makes it thrive. Your eyes could pop out to see this artist putting gay yiff art on public TV in the 1980’s before there were furry cons. Truly part of the roots, and that’s why this keeps getting views for years.

Tomorrow: stories 11-20.

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