FBI Ties Nazifurs to Atomwaffen Division — Attacks Targeted US Gov Official, Journalists

by Patch O'Furr

New FBI arrests are putting the heat on Atomwaffen Division. They’re a group with a dream: White supremacy through violent terrorism.

This is the “but not that!” clause you always get from free-speech defenders. Supposedly, neo-nazis just hold opinions you should tolerate, but you never get a good reason why. In truth, if you leave them alone they WILL hurt people. This group is tied to 5 murders.

Now add hundreds of swatting incidents, as announced by the FBI. “Swatting” is a terror tactic of falsely reporting a crisis to send a SWAT team crashing through a victim’s door. It gets people shot by mistake. Their international conspiracy targeted a US Cabinet official under Secret Service protection, journalists who reported about hate groups, and a vape shop. They did it for power, revenge, and a day off from school. (Really).

Doing terrorism to avoid homework sounds like the plot of a whole comedy movie about racist boneheads. For now, laugh at the dopes with me, a cartoon dog.

They’re more evil than geniuses, but they know furries reject nazis. They know tough guys fear being yiffed into oblivion with a Furry Apocalypse. They’re the type raised on easily-abused tech platforms with a mix of moldy old bigotry, ironic memes, and anime. Of course they know nazifurs. FBI evidence confirms it.

The Atomwaffen Division leader was John Cameron Denton, alias “Rape”. (That’s con-badge-ready.) He’s a Texas man who took control after the 2017 arrest of founder Brandon Russell. Denton made propaganda art to spread fear, and it looks effective to gain recruits — if your life goals involve joining a prison gang, and you’re OK with art criticism in the form of a shiv in your liver.

In 2018, Denton’s Atomwaffen propaganda showed up in a Dogpatch Press report. There was an event in New Jersey being infested with nazifurs, and they spread it to target a black furry for harassment. Why? He asked them to grow up. Really. (The story was taken down to let some people move away from hate.)

Nazifurs threatened me for the story. Meanwhile a major reveal by ProPublica led to Atomwaffen Division swatting their office and a writer’s home. There was no sign of deeper ties at the time, but new evidence puts nazifur activity right inside the conspiracy.

Inside the Atomwaffen Division swatting conspiracy chat logs.

IRC is old chat tech but still active. Some neo-nazis favor it with a belief that young antifascists won’t be familiar with it and they can stay obscure without censorship. It’s also insecure so usernames can be stolen, or channels taken over if one server goes down. A techie fur I consulted called it a terrible idea.

IRC logs appear in the FBI document as excerpts without mentioning furry at all — so let me point out where it is!

The swatting IRC logs are from November and December, 2018. At least 7 members are in it. Two of the most active were from outside the US.

Leader John Denton (“Rape”) was led to IRC by someone named “Lion”. There he used voice conferencing (Mumble) to avoid leaving written documents. (It’s a practice in Nazifur activity too, like when Foxler organized a chat group to do false hotel room booking to ruin a con.)

Two members discuss getting a fursona for Denton (“Rape”) as a snow leopard. As the group propaganda artist, he would know furry art. (It’s interesting that alt-right figure Milo had one of those, although this was a year before his Midwest Furfest trolling.)

Confirmation of using Furaffinity on 12/7/18.

This was 6 months after the site banned hate group activity. It was 3 weeks after a furry interview with Jello Biafra (who wrote the “Nazi Punks Fuck Off” song they discuss). It was during the week of a video of Jello saying Nazi Furs Fuck Off. They’re in the middle of the furry discourse.

Saevyl may be a sergal or at least he shares an erotic body pillow of one:

Saevyl’s link: Kadd Dakimakura Cover – Adult Naked.

“Cuddle up with the Shigu Army’s tactician and one of Rain’s companions Kadd as featured in Vilous Green Chapter Episode 2: Dark Clouds of the Shigu! Pillow not included, this 160cm pillow cover comes with graphic male Sergal genitalia accurate with the universe!”

Saevyl was invited to swatting conference calls on Mumble, where the sergal link was shared on 11/18/18. Denton was very close to Zheme and used voice to have him pass invites. It was a henchman arrangement that brought nazifur discourse inside.

Zheme also uses Zeem/Zim (probably the cartoon) while Saevyl cites this anime:

“Siege Culture” refers to neo-nazi book author James Mason — who joined them at times on IRC.

Mason is an advisor to Atomwaffen Division, a paramilitary neo-Nazi terrorist organization … During a court case related to Atomwaffen, the prosecutor stated that James Mason “may well represent the most violent, revolutionary and potentially terroristic expression of right-wing extremism current today.” – Wikipedia

Will we learn more about nazifurs mingling with terrorists? It could happen by tracing names published on the FBI’s news release. At the least, this makes an absurd and scary reminder of how deeply furries have saturated into all corners of culture. Keep watch for what might creep inside.

Correction: Denton is one member who works on the art with others as mentioned here.

A TL;DR for those who may still be confused:

The FBI’s court document has chat logs from an IRC channel where AWD organized swatting. The FBI doesn’t talk about the furry parts, so this article points them out, with extra comments about how most furries oppose nazis.

Denton, leader of AWD, used a member “Zheme” to invite others in to avoid leaving written evidence. Zheme invited Saevyl. They discussed furry art, furries mobilizing against nazis, Denton’s awareness of it, and wishing nazifurs could get tolerated. Saevyl linked furry porn (a body pillow.)

They are familiar enough with furry activity to be closely connected, like wanting snow leopard fursona art for Denton and using Furaffinity, the 100% furry art website. They rub shoulders with nazifurs and Saevyl probably is one.

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