Meet the artist behind the site banner — Roku Doggo

by Patch O'Furr

From time to time, Dogpatch Press commissions new banner art — check out a gallery from past months. Past artists have come from Mexico, Argentina, Chile, the Philippines, England, Quebec, North Carolina, California, and Texas. Get in touch if you want pay and a feature article. Today it’s for Roku Doggo.

Hi Roku, love your banner art! Especially the way you made it a funny action moment.

Thank you so much.

Where are you from and how much furry activity do you do?

I’m from Texas, and the only furry activity I do is, well drawing furries and I do it almost every day.

What’s your favorite part about being a furry artist?

My favorite part will have to be the interactions I have with my followers. It makes my day just to see them happy about any of the work I make.

Can you link your social media profiles?

You do a lot of big round furs… Texas is a big place too. Does the place you live make it into your art in any way?

Hehe yep! It definitely is big, but the place I live in doesn’t really make it in to my artwork. I mainly do all my work on the characters and I don’t really focus on the setting that much.

Is there anything furry you like about where you live, like cons you go to, or even the animals? I love wildlife, there’s a lot in my neighborhood… Deers nest up the hill, skunks under the house, possums and raccoons in the trees, and wild turkeys hang out on the roof.

I haven’t gone to any cons yet, but the desert bunnies, coyotes and roadrunners are fun to look at when they roam about.

The art you did for the site has charm and action and it looks like talent that could go into longer comics. You have some comics in your galleries — are those all commissioned, or do you do any ongoing story?

I’ve only done one comic as a commission and that was my most recent one, but the other comics I do are short comics and they don’t have an ongoing story. And I do have plans for other comics, but I don’t know if I’ll actually go forward with them because it’s not the first time I wanted to work on a comic and do nothing for it.

Have any good stories about doing art or getting into furry? Like an oddball commission, or things you have run into in the fandom?

Well I can tell you the story about getting into furry. I remember watching the movie Brother Bear, and then having the urge to draw the bear characters from the movie. I looked up images of them online. It led me to DeviantArt where I found all these cool drawings, which were furry, but I didn’t realize it at the time. Then I told myself, “Hey! I want to draw that!” and that’s really how it started.

How are you holding up with the Covid-19 quarantine?

It’s been a bit tough — transitioning to online classes from college has messed up my schedule and with it my time to draw.

Want to talk about future plans with your studies? And how about with furry?

Well I’m pursuing studies in the geology field, two years in to college, and I’m hoping to continue strong for another two years. With furry, I just hope I get to enjoy it as much as I do and hopefully get the opportunity to attend cons in the future.

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