Zoosadist arrest in Australia shows successful internet investigation.

by Patch O'Furr

A police raid and arrest in Australia is being added to the Dogpatch Press tag for zoosadism (which investigates animal cruelty, and the black market of animal “crush” and shock media.) The raid found “a significant number of videos depicting animal cruelty and bestiality”. Details of the abuse are so bad, that lawyers representing the suspect asked a court to suppress them, to limit publicity and avoid tainting a jury. Having read details, I would call them among the worst seen in years of covering the news. Evidence of deadly violence that surfaced on the net was judged extreme even to fringe shock groups.

The raid was in McMinns Lagoon, a rural area of about 800 residents outside Darwin in Australia’s Northern Territory, near the towns of Yarrawonga, Girraween, Zuccoli, Wak Wak, Bees Creek, and Humpty Doo.

Fandom connections and investigators.

This isn’t an isolated crime; it’s part of a trend backed by data. In recent years, zoosadists have been able to network like never before with technology for stealthy media trading. The trend has led to outlawing bestiality state by state in the USA, and making animal crush federally illegal with the 2019 PACT act. But far too often, they get away with it…

Putting a spotlight on this trend can show that abusers can be tracked, and complicit people can be held responsible. Their accomplices include a fandom underworld where zoophiles harbored zoosadists for decades, which only came out when a crime ring leaked in 2018. They meet in shady crossover groups with hundreds of zoophile furries, and use fandom for cover or even staff furry cons to walk among us while investigation gets backlash. Even if opposed by many furries, they have high-level apologists who promote “zoosexuality” and call opposition “cancel culture”. It’s like a Catholic Church abuse crisis, except with decentralized compartmentalizing behind denials about it. “Not our job” denials make a Catch-22 for seeking outside help, when police rarely pay attention. Even criminals who hide behind popularity like the now-disgraced Kero the Wolf get away with it.

For the Australian crime, it’s unclear how directly it ties to known rings, although it used similar methods. However, it can make a deeper look at internet investigators who gather some of the only visible info about secret zoosadist networks.

Tracking the suspect — Beyond the mainstream news.

The search process included screenshots of evidence that showed a victim dog to identify the breed. This comes from an investigator in Estonia (with minor corrections for clarity):

“How I managed to track his nasty ass is I did lots of research on the internet, posted this everywhere on the internet, until I saw one guy who seemed to know something about it. I contacted him and asked what does he know about this video or the person behind it.”

Following the trail led to a network with familiar methods:

“He said, oh I’m in a Telegram group chat with him and he posts lots of zoosadistic material there and talks to other zoosadists. I thought this is some BS, but he proved it and sent me screenshots of it.”

Abuse media traders can use what law enforcement calls a “baseball card trading system“:

“I even tried to get into the group myself but I couldn’t. It was like a share-to-join group, so I had to share zoosadistic material in order to join. But of course I don’t have any of this stuff, so I just let this other drug addict who was in the group and who I had access to talk with.”

If there was no media — there’d be no networks — but zoophiles excuse the consumer demand they make while their sources hide their ID’s:

“I asked questions from the man himself, like why is he doing this, etc. He said he hates dogs a lot and loves rape. Very f*cked up individual, I guess he didn’t even reveal much information to other zoosadists.”

The hiding takes high effort to overcome:

“So that led me nowhere until I started really look around for every detail in [evidence video] and noticed the orange collar with color changing pattern/chip. It had “Great Pets Start with you” logo on it. I did more research and found that these collars have a chip and they’re given out by council in Northern Territory, Australia. So I sent pictures of the dog to numerous shelters in Northern Territory but no one could identify the dog. I sent the pics to city council, and asked is it possible these kinds of collars are given out elsewhere? They said “No,” only we give out such chipped collars to dogs.”

Persistence had results:

“The city council asked me why do I need to know it. I told them all the information about the man, what he does to dogs, etc. The council told me they’re gonna pass it to criminal investigators, and few days later the police contact me to ask information. Like, describe what he does in the videos. They wanted me to describe everything he does to these poor dogs, like does he record his acts and post them somewhere, etc. So I did and the police said we have one 51 year old suspect who fits your description… we’re gonna raid him soon etc… a few days later the police contact me again saying they have caught the man, and all the material I sent them, they found on his devices. The police thanked me and told me I can now rest easy and breathe freely.”

The investigator emphasized that the suspect ID can’t be public yet, but told me:

“He gets extreme sexual pleasure out of animal cruelty, the videos were posted to his telegram chat. It’s quite odd why did he risk sharing these videos, as he’s not some junkie, but quite successful and highly educated and famous in his hometown.”

I verified this claim in private, and this case is very noteworthy and sure to get more news. Action is pending in court.

UPDATE: Much more info about the cause of this story has been posted by shock video info trackers, with credit for the investigator “Mushrooms4” (LINK CURRENTLY REDACTED, PLEASE DO NOT PREJUDICE A TRIAL BY SHARING SUSPECT I.D.) Anyone local to the crime or with direct info is invited to make contact. The videos originally surfaced out of a hidden zoosadist group including people in the furry fandom, which brings the story here. The following tweet confirms.

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