Nominations open now for the Good Furry Award

by Patch O'Furr

2023 GOOD FURRY AWARD –  nominate HERE

This annual award is run by Grubbs Grizzly to recognize furries who make outstanding positive contributions to the fandom. The first one in 2019 went to Tony “Dogbomb” Barrett. In 2020 the award went to Ash Coyote. In 2021, Cassidy Civet won and in 2022 it went to Soatok Dhole. Each winner gets a trophy and a $500 check.

News for the 5th annual award:

For inspiration to nominate someone who deserves recognition, check the current nominees.

In a year of attacks on furries with fake news about litterboxes in schools, the 2023 nominees include parents who advocate for kids in the fandom, and a university professor running a furry history project.

This year will have another Lifetime Achievement Award selected by Uncle Bear Publishing in addition to regular awards.

Grubbs explains some guideline updates:

Standards for nominees are different this year than previous years. Three things to note: 1) Your nominee must be alive (sorry, we don’t do posthumous awards anymore); 2) Your nominee must currently be active in the fandom; and 3) Your nominee must be doing/have done something that is generous, giving, and has a noticeable impact on the fandom or the world at large (it is not enough just to have a cool YouTube channel, make videos, or simply be nice; these are cool things, but we are looking for something more in a GFA nominee). Thank you. 

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