Ursa Major Awards nominations open until February 11

by Patch O'Furr

Furry fandom’s Ursa Major awards honor the best and most loved anthropomorphic creations of the past year. Anything published in 2022 can be nominated. Movies, art, books, news magazines, and more on the list will be eligible for voting in March.

This is your chance to help make the list – nominate HERE before the end of February 11!

Ursa art by Foxenawolf.

You can choose up to five nominees for these categories:

  • Best Anthropomorphic Motion Picture
  • Best Anthropomorphic Dramatic Short Work
  • Best Anthropomorphic Dramatic Series
  • Best Anthropomorphic Novel
  • Best Anthropomorphic Short Fiction
  • Best Anthropomorphic Other Literary Work
  • Best Anthropomorphic Non Fiction Work
  • Best Anthropomorphic Graphic Story
  • Best Anthropomorphic Comic Strip
  • Best Anthropomorphic Magazine
  • Best Anthropomorphic Published Illustration
  • Best Anthropomorphic Game
  • Best Anthropomorphic Website
  • Best Anthropomorphic Costume (Fursuit)
  • Best Anthropomorphic Music

After nominations close, voting for the finalists will run from March 1 to March 31.

The Ursa Majors site maintains a Recommended Anthropomorphics List for 2022. Take a look at the range of available works for ideas of what’s worth sending. If it was published in 2022, it doesn’t have to be listed already; go ahead and nominate it for an award!

One to consider that isn’t on the list is Soatok’s Dhole Moments for Best Website. (Soatok’s work actually is on the nonfiction list though, for a news article about fundraising to fight removal of LGBTQ books from a library).

Dogpatch Press articles published in 2022 are eligible for Best Anthropomorphic Non-Fiction Work, besides nominations for the site as Best Magazine. Feel free to browse and pick any of a few dozen pieces from the front page. Some of these take hours and hours to write, so any time you give will be repaid with more free writing for everyone.

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