Silicon Valley Pride invites furs – Fangcon makes history with Pride parade sponsorship.

by Patch O'Furr

“Furry Pride” is redundant when you’re a talking animal.  There’s no way you can’t strut your stuff, turn heads and light up a crowd with smiles.  But when furries AT Pride join other groups with a bigger mission, it puts the magic where it most belongs – in a fabulous show – and makes a good cause better.

Furries invited for August 30, 2015:


Tip from Neonbunny, builder of influential events like Frolic:

“Silicon Valley Pride has reached out to me as they would love to have fursuiters at the pride festival, August 30th.  They will have a changing tent available, and can offer free admission for suiters that RSVP in advance.

The other person who they reached out to, who’s coordinating things right now, is Lani B.  She’s pretty active in the South Bay cosplay scene, and they’ve reached out to her to get cosplayers to go as well. (Anime/comic type costuming stuff).  Her email is and she’s on facebook here.

This is the link for the pride event, and Lani has also created a facebook page to get cosplayers motivated to go (and hopefully fursuiters as well.) If anyone is interested in coordinating fursuiters for this, please get in touch!” – NeonBunny

The San Francisco Pride parade may be the premiere event for LGBT culture.  It’s popular among the SF Bay Area Furries, so in 2015, their show-stealing presence in front of a million viewers made a standout event for the whole furry subculture. But it was far from the only one.  (Expect a chat soon with Uncle Kage, about Anthrocon’s awesome accomplishments in 2015.)  In fact, theirs wasn’t even the only Furry statement at Pride events around the world.  Competition came from an unexpected place – Knoxville, Tennessee.

(Pic: Froboy.)

(Pic: Froboy.)

Draconis is Chair of FANGCON, 10/29 – 11/2, 2015 in Knoxville, Tennessee.  Here’s his tip about Fangcon’s sponsorship at Knoxville Pride. No other con has done it before, as far as we know.

“It should be noted this is likely the first time a furry convention has been in a Pride parade as an official participant, in the fandom history so far.

We really wanted to be a part of the parade, as we saw it as a positive chance for the city of Knoxville to view the Furry Fandom in a positive way. We were glad to have many of the locals furries chip in and make all of this possible.  We were also overwhelmed by the energetic response we received from the crowds watching the parade.  We look forward to doing other parades and public functions in the future.

Here’s a video of the entire parade (from Froboy.) The Fangcon float shows up at 17:44.” – Draconis

More about the event from Shelby Allen:

“The first two pictures were taken by me, the rest by Froboy. Furs in the pictures: Keefur as Cutter Cat, Draconis as Ntwaidimela, ShepiePawz, Isaac, Slick Kat, Kaba_Snow as Khar, Toby Dobie, Oxona Ravenpaw.  Furs not in suit but participated: Shelby Allen, Froboy, Malendryn Tiger, Charlie Ermegerd.”
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