Subject 9 – Furry comic guest review by Vox Fox.

by Patch O'Furr

Submitted by Vox Fox, a talent in music, fursuiting and video in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Main website – Wikifur

Vox shares:

A recent tweet alerted me to this wonderful gem of a YouTube furry adventure, that is something of a throwback to the weekly serial drama format that was once common in the days before TV.  Back then, each chapter would include a cliffhanger at the end, to ensure your return to the theatre the following week for the next hair-raising installment.

So it is with Subject 9, a 32-chapter story detailing the adventures of a thrown-together band of furries, each of whom possesses a special power. The furries, inhabitants of an all-furry world, are unwilling participants that have escaped from a secret government facility bent on controlling and utilizing their powers for a classified military project. Despite their differences, our heroes combine their talents in order to respond and repulse continued attempts at their recapture.

The overall plot becomes a bit involved; however each chapter opens with a re-cap of the previous episode, which helps the viewer maintain continuity. Each segment runs anywhere from 5 to 14 minutes, so unless you binge watch, you’ll need a few nights to get through it. This feature was produced by NARR8, which describes itself as an: “…exciting new mobile app and content channel that offers a diverse array of interactive stories, articles and motion comics”.

To summarize, I found Subject 9 very entertaining; the heroes are very engaging and quite the wisecracking bunch, while the villains are also very good at making you hate their guts. No sex in particular (save for some voyeurism), but there is a fair amount of blood, violence and gore. All in all, I’m looking forward to searching through NARR8’s website for further offerings from this very talented bunch!

– Vox Fox