Praise for creative expression, and a debate with bomb threats – NEWSDUMP (8/24/15)

by Patch O'Furr

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img_0782“Anthrocon Convention steps out in full fursuits.”

The New Pittsburgh Courier revisits the con with a few nice photos.

Furry creative expression gets praise from an environmental, travel and style writer.

Why Do We Like To Dress Up Like Animals? This introduces furries with much more insight than the usual coughed-up hairball of stuff we’ve seen a million times.  It’s better because author Starre Vartan puts her voice in it as a “furry sympathiser”.  She gives more than boring “whats” and gets into interesting “whys”. Previously, she wrote about the fabulous trend of Merman Hair – “more proof that guys like flair too.”  A+ for this writer’s sense of culture.

A cure for misunderstanding about Furries, gender and kink.

More great insight from the writer at “Deep Fried Pancakes”.  Applause for her open-minded observation.  It refutes agenda-driven baloney about gender:

In my opinion, it’s very telling that most furries are men… In general, men are discouraged from self-expression. They are coached to hide their emotions… stuff like this attracts a disproportionate number of men because it provides something they have a much harder time getting than women: self-expression.  They are encouraged to show everyone their true selves.

There’s an insanely long list of reasons for why this group is highly populated by guys (but her simple look gets right to the heart of it, in a much smoother way).  It vindicates every guy with a positive interest who’s been slandered for sharing it with other guys.  There are fundamentalists who insist that Furry fandom is “sexist” because it’s “male-dominated” (no, it’s male-populated.)  It’s a demographic fallacy to ignore intentions for why people gather, out of obsession with mindless proportionality of numbers.  More men than women doesn’t imply that bad behavior drove women out – any more than a pair of male friends is evil because a corresponding pair of females isn’t there to chaperone them.

Some positive interest groups are just differently balanced, while also less exclusive and more friendly than general society.  When the power is in the individual to join, simply by saying it’s your interest – if you want the number to change, the real solution is to invite your friends to make it how you want it to be.

Society of Professional Journalists hosts GamerGate debate, mentions furries, gets interrupted by bomb threats.  

Speaking of loaded gender topics:

The Broward Palm Beach New Times says: it’s the “first live and in-person debate” for the “civil war between videogame fans and gaming journalists who review those games… GamerGate exists solely online as a “leaderless” movement.  The first such movement to gain public attention was Occupy Wall Street, and the latest is Black Lives Matter.”

Via Calbeck on FurAffinity –

Here’s a funny aside from the actual talk, though: the issue of media coverage of FURRIES was brought up by the SPJ moderator.  It was discussed as an aside, meant to demonstrate how difficult it is to interview members of “leaderless online movements”. The complete panel and surrounding events are here… about 7hrs in total including post-bomb-threat talk. The “furry coverage” aside comes in around 3:50:00.


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