Furry documentary gold, and a Sex Drama Explosion – NEWSDUMP (8/25/15)

by Patch O'Furr

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Ursa art by Foxenawolf.

Anthropomorphics Reading List wants Dogpatch Press reader recommendations!  (via Fred Patten:)

“The Anthropomorphic Literature and Arts Association (ALAA) has just updated the 2015 Anthropomorphics Reading List.  It now includes all the 2015 anthro titles that anyone has recommended through August 8 as worth reading, seeing, or playing. The ALAA would love to get some recommendations from Dogpatch Press readers for the next update.” (- Fred).  If you know of any 2015 Furry books, comics, movies, etc. to recommend, send them here:  recommended@ursamajorawards.org

Houston Press – Furries in the Arts and Culture section.

“6 Modern Subcultures That Might Shock the Mainstream.” Clickbait with nothing new, except we get to be on the same list as Juggalos.

Culturally F’d on Furry gatherings: Why do we go to conventions, and why do we move in together?

Arrkey writes: “Hey Patch! The next episode is all lined up and it’s a doozy. All about con-culture, furry gatherings and all-furry housing situations:”

This week on Culturally F’d we go into a thorough history of nerd conventions and the gathering of a community. It’s all about how Furry branched out of Science Fiction and Anime conventions and into it’s own flourishing community. We also look at the emergence of all-furry living arrangements and how it is Toronto ended up with dozens of all-furry houses. Community and coming together is the theme.

After exploring fan-zine culture in our episode on comics, and then online communities in our episode on the internet we’re now looking at the organized event spaces that solidified the furry community in an in-person convention setting. By meeting each other in the real world we created real and tangible relationships with other furries, making our group stronger and giving us a setting to get to know one another much more intimately. Allowing us to shed our online personas and revealing our true selves (and allowing the blending of the two).

This week is the longest episode yet!  Arrkay will be going to Camp Feral this year and so the next episode is postponed into September. But when we get back the episode will look into what furries actually DO by looking at where we spend our money. The theme for the next one is “Furryconomics”!

 Official trailer for the documentary – Furry: A Fandom, A Lifestyle.

“At Home With the Furries” photographer Tom Broadbent did a Symposium about the project and his work.

Shared at his blog: “I gave a talk at the annual The Institute of Photography Symposium at Falmouth University.”

There’s another Furry News blog in Austria!  It’s modest, but spread some love.

There are very few writers doing this.  So, it’s very pleasing to find one covering the Euro corner.  Dogpatch Press wouldn’t exist without help to make a regular posting schedule from guest posters like Fred Patten, volunteers like Poppa Bookworm, tip senders, and every reader.  This message helps spread the appreciation:

Hey fellow Blogger ^^
I just noticed you linked to our Austrian furry blog over at melangeafurry.wordpress.com. I did follow your blog as well for quite some time now and I’m quite blown away by the effort you guys put in it. Especially the interviews must take quite some time to prepare. Keep up the great work and I will certainly return the favor. ;3
Cheers, Mailylion “Furry Stammtische Österreich”


Fandom Sex Drama Explosion!



“Furries For Kids” debate involves the German/Austrian community.

Here’s the website for a Furry philanthropic organization. It has a great article in the Eurofurence con book.  I’ll just leave the link that shows a debate about it, because I’m not familiar with anyone in this.  I’d love to know more – would anyone share opinions or a guest post?

The short: It’s a noble goal to set up a legitimate charity with fursuiters, like “Clown Care” (a program to bring the healing power of laughter to hospitals). Fear of adult content in the fandom is causing some internal friction.  Personally, I believe that adults are capable to keep a wall between leisure and professional behavior… a strict code of conduct for the group would be key.  Gay people used to face false criticisms about safety around kids, but that has changed (not an exact comparison, I know.)  Whether this group can succeed or not, I hope society continues abating neurotic attitudes about sex.

Supposed “Health Warning” about intentional spread of HIV was a falsified attack.

A post on the 8chan imageboard called out a long chart of names.  They were supposedly going to Eurofurence to spread infections that were caught from sex partners who maliciously hid HIV+ status.  It got a lot of attention and many angry comments on forums.

Furries, disease and rumors – was there ever any doubt it was trolling?  A few details seemed to come with inside knowledge.  I checked it out just in case.

I messaged 10 people on the chart, to ask for reactions or statements.  I said that rumors should be squashed or explained, to stop them from flying around.  Two replied and denied connection to people named as partners to them.  Staff from Eurofurence told me the same.  Then the #1 target of attack sent me a lot of info.

It was very sensitive personal info, talking about the difficulty of a life changing diagnosis, and being very candid about how and why.  It showed that HIV+ status wasn’t being hidden.  It was sad to see such personal stuff forced to be other people’s business when it shouldn’t have been.  The lesson is just to play safe. Rico, have a little apology for everyone who tried to trash you.

Anti-sex panic: Looking back at the NJ FurBQ Hoax.  Does anyone close to the story know of any records we could hunt down?

Just asking out of curiosity, but it would be really interesting to make pressure for meeting minutes from the officials who trumped up the fake attack.

Flayrah commenter takes on a sex-negative “furban legend” that has spread since the 1990’s.

Look for a long piece about it soon.