Patreon hack blamed on furries, news from Culturally F’ed – NEWSDUMP (10/8/15)

by Patch O'Furr

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Patreon Hacked, Furries blamed, journalist downloads porn for “work”.

Patreon user info was compromised by a security breach.  A Twitter user claiming responsibility offered an online-politics grudge motive, and shared claims that Patreon account data was being misused by the “” website.  The prankish claim seems really far fetched to me up front, and the site itself denies any responsibility.  But the prank was successful enough to convince the journalist (for a big digital media brand) to download from the site, and seriously report finding nothing but sexy animals.  

UT club encourages students to find ‘fursonas’

Whines, from FurAffinity.

Whines, from FA.

A standard introduction article from the University of Texas at Austin student newspaper. It adds nothing unexpected, but reads nicely.  Congrats to the Longhorn Furs social club.

They have involvement with Whines.  It led me to learn the info below, and request a submission for The Furclub Survey of Furry dance parties. Expect more about it soon.

Starting in 2013 and inspired by descriptions of the Frolic in California, Whines started organizing small furry dance events and has held them once every 2-3 months since them. They tend to have an attendance in the 20-40 range with a handful of fursuiters. Most recently the dance was held on UT campus in partership with the University of Texas ‘Longhorn Furs‘ group.

New from Culturally F’ed


Episode 12: Furryconomics!

A topic that has been discussed everywhere from Dogpatch, Adjective Species, convention panels and even psychology studies. Yet no one has found answers to some of the most fundamental questions about the fandom. In this video we discuss what is is the furry fandom does by looking at where we spend our money. We also toy with the idea of calculating how much the fandom is worth, a Furry GDP as it were. We talk about some of the things we do know about the fandom and speculate on some things that we don’t. Calculating the Furry GDP requires one number that no one has: Just how many furries are out there? But we here at Culturally F’d have outlined most of the available data to take a first step toward this goal. Hopefully some more information emerges in the future to do a follow up episode. Do you know any economists interested in this?

Episode 13: Season Recap with Arrkay and Underbite

This episode plays more like a podcast (38 minutes). It’s a behind the scenes look-back at the first run of episodes that we filmed winter-spring 2015 (only now just being released!). We talk about future episodes, the goals we set out to meet from the Introduction episode and some fun things about episodes 1-12.

So what’s next?  Well we have one more episode back-logged for release “Drag Queens and Fursuiting” which will look at the similarities of the two styles of costumed public performances. This comes from first hand experience performing drag at Howl Toronto’s drag night back in July. We will also be posting the recorded performances from that night separately.

Arrkay has recently found a lot of extra time on his hands! It means two significant things for Culturally F’d:

1: Moving to “shoot and release” schedule instead of building a back-log. The show will be able to talk about current events more often and more timely.
2: Launching a Patreon in the near future. Arrkay wants to improve upon Culturally F’d and without a main source of income, he will be relying on viewers to support the show and invest in its growth. The intent to launch a Patreon was always there, but the team behind F’d wanted to wait for a more channel activity before launching. Arrkay will be sending out more information as we prep for the launch.

If you want to help us out now, the best thing anyone can do for Culturally F’d is spread the word! Share your favourite video with your friends and let other furries know about the channel. If you haven’t already, be sure to head to our NEW official URL: and SUBSCRIBE! And check us out on all the things: TwitterFacebook, Tumblr, Furaffinity, and Weasyl as well.

Furry comics covered by Marfedblog.

There are few writers covering furry news. Now here’s a new one specifically for news of furries in comics, that overlaps with mainstream writing.  I wrote to compliment the owner, Jason, and he added “furry” tags to relevant posts.

PBS Idea Channel: Are You Literally What You Post? (Furries mentioned at around 6:00).

Furry Marketing? “Fox Mattress: Sleep With A Local.”

Is this intentional?  It could be ambiguous because that’s how hints work.  Since marketers don’t live under rocks, let’s assume at least a little.  Add it to the list here –Mainstream advertising: “More and more, Furries are being hinted at in marketing media!”  From CSplushies on FurAffinity:


Two-tailed dog livens up Hungary’s election.

Calculated absurdism makes a protest vote in another country sick of lying politicians.  “A two-tailed cartoon dog offering free beer and eternal life…”


New research: Did the evolution of dogs coincide with early garbage dumps?

“Man’s best friend may have evolved from wolves as recently as 15,000 years ago, around the time humans were establishing their first permanent settlements.”

“I Take My Wolfdog On Epic Adventures Because I Hate To See Dogs Locked Away.” – Enjoy beautiful photos.


AMAZING FURRY NEWS COMING SOON – #6 Will Make Fluff Explode Out Your Ears!