New episodes from Culturally F’d reveal wicked cryptids and fab vocab.

by Patch O'Furr

If you’re not reading Dogpatch Press, you should be watching Culturally F’d!  It’s the Furry youtube series that asks:

Where does the love of anthropomorphics come from? How far back can we dig in history and mass media to really get to the bottom of it? Why does every culture across the face of the earth have a fascination with animal-people?


Series host Arrkay sent these new episode updates:

Furry Lingo: Part 1

Let’s talk about what furries are talking about! In this glossary-like episode we count down some commonly used furry exclusive terms, slang and buzzwords. We didn’t get everything and we didn’t really aim to, hence “part 1”. We’re looking for everyone to comment and message us, to help fill in the next installments.

Part 2: Dirty and Hurtful words will be the first installment of “Culturally F’d: After Dark”.  It will only be accessible through Patreon for a few months. Then, when there are a handful episodes of F’d After Dark, they will be released publicly all together as a playlist for your binge-watching pleasure. For those who simply can’t wait that long, they can check out the Patreon for more information.

Part 3 will come later, once we have figured out all the terms we’ve missed or ignored, and will likely be released as a regular episode.

Cryptozoology: Anthros in Modern Myth

Patrons and Ontario locals on Facebook saw this in time for Halloween, but it’s for everyone now! This episode was a lot of fun to make. Arrkay really enjoyed getting into character and included lots of paranoid ad-lib. The episode looks at the major cryptid animals found all over the world who persist into today’s modern mythos. Spotlights are on Bigfoot and the Lizard People. (Patch, if you were a lizard person you would tell me, right? RIGHT?!)

giphy (5)

Trust no one. Except maybe Bigfoot.


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– Arrkay