Buzzfeed’s worst of 2015, Furry Chic in 2016, and Fred’s birthday. NEWSDUMP (12/18/15)

by Patch O'Furr

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Fred Patten’s birthday was December 11 – Happy 75th, Fred!

300px-Fred_PattenRead an interview with Fred about the founding of Furry fandom, by esteemed novelist Phil Geusz.  Thanks Fred for bringing so much content that helps Dogpatch Press to put out Furry News every week day.  Sorry that this went out too late to share Furplanet’s weekend birthday discount sale for Fred’s titles.  But check them out:

“Accidental Guests of the Midwest Fur Fest” – outsider appreciation gets viral views.

This personal blog post got lots of love.  The Healthy Not Nuts blog covers a husband and wife’s thoughts on recipes, diet, health and photography.  It’s lovely when Furries add spice to the mundane!  “…how can you not love these creatures that look so cute, cuddly and happy all of the time?”  The post earned 267 comments.  The writer shared an appreciation letter for the post, where he mentioned getting over 20,000 views.

Furries in Buzzfeed’s “The 50 Worst Things On The Internet In 2015.” (NSFW)

Use this archive link (so they get no incentive to publish unforgivable crap).  Furries are in items 14, 20, 31, and 46.  There’s also bonus bronies, puppy and pony players. Whether it’s love or hate, at least things are never boring…

Goodbye to Furnation.

FurnationFurnation was one of the first visible Web presences for Furry fandom. It helped many to discover their fursonas in the 1990’s. Reddit calls it “the end of an era.” Flayrah gave it a feature under it’s tag for collected coverage. Social network Furrtrax made a generous offer of free hosting to keep it online.  I tried helping, but got the feeling that Furnation’s admin was too burnt out with health problems to devote an ounce of effort for community moderation. I also assume the build of the site might be antiquated and burdensome (perhaps technical, or with copyright for content built by individuals.) It’s influence lives on in places like FurPlanet (formed from Furnation Magazine), one of the 3 main Furry publishers.

Literary Agent has a message for her followers.  They must be sending mountains of this…

Zootopia news – the heat is rising for the 2016 Fursplosion.  Will it open a new era of “Furry Chic?”

For promotion straight from Disney, here’s new anthro parody movie posters, and a delightfully busy Zootopia poster.  And this is very interesting…

Disney Prepares to Cash In on the Furry Demographic with “Zootopia”. notices what a lot of us have been speculating about.  Few outsiders have commented until now (although there was this minor piece last year: “Marvel Looking To Capture The Furry Market?“)  Keep in mind, market size doesn’t necessarily matter, if buzz spreads from niche to niche with outsized influence. Like bunnies don’t have to be big to be… productive.

The author felt like my reddit comment was worth quoting. “patch_ofurr writes “don’t ever think a giant corporation doesn’t know EXACTLY what they’re doing…”  But after the article came out, furry Redditors were underwhelmed.  They complained about the article’s lack of talking to an actual furry, and linking Vanity Fair’s outdated, always-shitty 2001 hit piece against furries. That’s #1 on the Journalist No-No List.

fritz-the-cat“Furry Chic” is my way of harkening back (tastefully or not) to 1970’s “Porno Chic”.  Movies like Deep Throat earned unprecedented mainstream notice and box office success. Film critics and academics love that topic.  It came with the sexual revolution and the phenomenon of exploitation movies tackling topics that Hollywood wouldn’t touch. (Like lurid, but socially pointed funky Blaxploitation).  It’s possible to find roots of Furry fandom in that milieu… with the first X-rated animated movie, Fritz The Cat.

Funny how a Zootopia director was quoted as saying this movie will have Disney’s first ‘nude scene.’

Clunk Mag: an interview with a furry.

A conversation with Lilka.  “Of all the subcultures that the internet exposed in the new millennium, from all the hundreds of varieties that all rampantly fractured into thousands of niches, there is one that still has the ability to shock: The Furries.”  The writer goes out of his way to highlight sexual comments that are not-so-shocking. (And why is he so interested?)


AMAZING FURRY NEWS COMING SOON – You Won’t Believe How The Con Got Embarrassed In #7!