Fur fun in video and photo – gypsy bears and Chewbacca’s sex roar. NEWSDUMP (12/21/15)

by Patch O'Furr

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Midwest Furfest 2015 – More than 5,000 gather in Chicago. (Via Furrymedia.)

The International Business Times has tons of great fursuit photos. You may find a few more in a slideshow from the same Reuters photographer. Enjoy a con video from Vox Fox and a music video from Kiba Wolf.

New from Culturally F’d: Post Furry, and Furries In The News!

Arrkay share the Furries In The News youtube playlist:

This week we have something very fun and special on Culturally F’d. We’ve made a playlist of furry mentions in local news. To frame each video, the F’d team put on their best local news outfits and introduce them alongside nonsensical anthro headlines (written largely in part by Patch O’Furr of Dogpatch.press and otherwise improvised). 6 videos total, plus 5 news clips from broadcast television.

Coca-Cola Polar Bear suit – by Jim Henson Creature Workshop.  Shared by Tempe O’Kun on FurAffinity (see another dance video there.)

Foxy Bingo – commercial mascot suit has amazing animatronic facial expressions. (Also thanks to Tempe.)

Wookie Sex Line commercial.  The Dorkly blog wrote about “Chewbacca’s sex roar.”

Animal headed gods, a man transforms into a crow, and furry mutants…

They’re all related to the cinematic creativity of Alex Proyas.  He got famous as director of 1994’s cult movie The Crow.  Also see my piece uncovering his lost project, Freak’s Amour, that could have been the coolest post-nuclear mutant movie ever – except it was canceled by misfortune.  The Crow was influential on comic-book movies for a long time after, but for the past decade his career seemed kind of in a slump.  Now, his $140-million budget movie Gods Of Egypt is coming in February.  Check the trailer and see what you think. (It looks like Gods Of Overcooked CGI to me.)

Romania’s Dancing Bears (via Culturally F’d.)

The New York Times Lens photojournalism blog covers a tradition in the Trotus Valley of Romania.  It originated with the Romani people (also known by pejorative word Gypsies).  Bear-costumed performers “descended on homes every holiday season to chase away any bad spirits from the previous year.”  Says the photojournalist, Diana Zeyneb Alhindawi:

“I’m so happy to have done this,” she said. “There were so many times I wanted to put my camera down, put on a bearskin and join them. It’s really magical, like going into a fairy tale.”



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