‘Cats and More Cats’ anthology to launch at Further Confusion 2016.

by Patch O'Furr

Cats and More Cats Cover

Cats and More Cats; Feline Fantasy Fiction, edited by Fred Patten, is launching at Further Confusion 2016 in San Jose, California over the January 14-18 five-day weekend.  The book can be pre-ordered online from FurPlanet Productions.  It will be for sale on the FurPlanet online catalogue afterwards.

Cats and More Cats is a reprint anthology of 14 short stories and novelettes of feline fantasy fiction (“the best of the best”) from 1989 to the present, most of them out-of-print today, plus a new essay and an extensive bibliography of cat fantasy books.  This is designed to appeal to both s-f & fantasy fans, and all cat-lovers.


Trouble, by P. M. Griffin (from Catfantastic; Nine Lives and Fifteen Tales, 1989)

Bomber and the Bismarck, by Clare Bell (from Catfantastic II, 1991)

… But a Glove, by John E. Johnston III (from Catfantastic III, 1994)

Born Again, by Elizabeth Ann Scarborough (from Catfantastic IV, 1996)

Masters and Students, by Bryan Derksen (from the Transformation Stories Contests website, 1997)

Trixie, by Lawrence Watt-Evans (from Catfantastic V, 1999)

Destiny, by Kristine Kathryn Rusch (from Creature Fantastic, 2001)pallas-cat-manul-2__880

Three-Inch Trouble, by Andre Norton (from A Constellation of Cats, 2001)

Defender of the Small, by Jody Lynn Nye (from Turn the Other Chick, 2004)

The Luck of the Dauntless, by James M. Ward (from Furry Fantastic, 2006)

After Tony’s Fall, by Jean Rabe (from Catopolis, 2008)

Magtwilla and the Mouse, by Mary E. Lowd (from Allasso volume 2, 2012)

pallas-cat-manul-14__880A Spoiled Rotten Cat Lives Here, by Dusty Rainbolt (from The Mystical Cat, 2013)

The Emerald Mage, by Renee Carter Hall (from Hero’s Best Friend, 2014)

Furry Fandom and Cats, by Fred Patten (original, 2016)

A Bibliography for Bast, by Fred Patten (original, 2016)

Price:  $19.95.  261 pages. Wraparound cover by Donryu.  ISBN 978-1-61450-297-5

– Fred Patten