Furplanet Debuting Over 25 Books at Anthrocon.

by Pup Matthias

REPOST!  Sorry, this went out by mistake with half of the info unfinished.  – Patch

Anthrocon is coming! Where Furries far and wide come together to hang out, make friends, attend panels, dance, drink too much alcohol, and spend way too much money. I am so jealous of you guys. Stupid adult responsibilities keeping me away from all the fluffies. And the fine Fluffer Nutters at Furplanet have not 1, not 5, not 12, but 25 books debuting at AC. A combination of novels, anthologies, comics, and art books from a who’s who of writers and artist.

We at Dogpatch Press now present to you an easy to follow catalogue of all that will be available. So take a look and visit the Furplanet table to support Furry Writers and Artists. Or pre-order now for those like me who can’t. Pre-Orders will begin shipping out on July 22nd. I hope you find your next reading obsession soon and have a nice day.


rukis-legacy-dawn_smLegacy: Dawn by Rukis ( Mature Hardcover $29.95 and Softcover $19.95)

Kadar was born into one of the lowest castes in his society—the laborers. That is, until a series of unfortunate events trapped him in the only life worse, that of an indentured servant.

Literally collared by the powerful hyena clan that holds his contract, Kadar now finds himself facing a dangerous decision.

Live as a slave, or fight for freedom.

Joined by a hyena held captive by his own kind, a guard with a grudge against the very people he works for, and an indomitable cheetah, Kadar faces an uncertain future in a land where centuries of dependence on slavery and warfare make real freedom of any kind, for any caste, a dream that might be worth dying for.

From the world of “Red Lantern.” Written and illustrated by Rukis.

Sixes Wild: Echoes by Tempe O’Kun (Mature $15.95)

sixes-echoes_smLife’s not all whiskey and revelry for this bunny gunslinger. In a recent tangle, Six had cause to dynamite a lion crime lord in his silver mine. The kitty had the nerve to survive and vanish with one of the guns tied to her dead father’s spirit. A sensible hare would go to ground, lying low while she tracked down the varmint. And that’s just what she’d do, had she not stumbled into love with the local fruit bat sheriff. Love’s all well and good, but courting a gentleman when you’re no proper lady is a challenge Six never thought she would have to tackle.

All told, Frontier life is enough to trounce anybody. But then, Six Shooter has never been just any bunny.






alteredstates_smAltered States Edited by Ajax B. Coriander (Mature $19.95)

Werewolves, shapeshifters, and stranger things can be found here; their bodies and minds twisting as they enter into various Altered States of being. This anthology is a celebration of transformation and transmutation in many different flavors. From a wife who wants her husband to find a new appreciation for the moon, to a soldier infected with an alien virus, to military experiments which have gone horribly wrong. (Or perhaps very right…) Altered States contains nine transformation themed stories to titillate and inspire all those who love the idea of shape changing and altered vistas. After all, who’s afraid of a little change?

Finishing Touches by Ianus J. Wolf
A Mile In Their Paws by Richard Coombs
Leverage by Ajax B. Coriander
On Common Ground by Whyte Yoté
Corp Values by Apollo Wolf
The Wicked World of Charles Jacklyn by Roland Jovaik
The Wander Inn by Nogitsune Faux
Papa Panda and the Selfie by Kodiak Malone
Weapon by James L. Steele

Cover art and interior illustrations by Kuma; Edited by Ajax B. Coriander, Kodiak Malone, and Andres Cyanni Halden.

FANG VOL. 7 (Mature $19.95)

Fang-7-Cover_smVegas is the ultimate escape, from your past, from your future, and most importantly your present. Do you come with a friend and leave with a lover? Are your pockets full of dreams or dollars? Sometimes the journey is to reinvent yourself, other times to hide and wait things out until whatever drama just blows over. So let’s take a steamy tour of Las Vegas – past, present, and future.

Splatters by NightEyes DaySpring
With the Lights On by Field T. Mouse
Nuclear Cocktails by Skunkbomb
One for the Money, Two for the Show by Whyte Yoté
Apostasy by Chris “Sparf” Williams
The Dance by TJ Minde
The Road to Midnight by NightEyes DaySpring
Barrel Aged Romance by Miriam “Camio” Curzon
Strings by T. D. Coltraine
Double Down by Argyron
Luck Only Lends by Hunter
Fantasy by Tym Greene
The Price of Admission by Ocean Tigrox
Royal Flush by Thomas “Faux” Steele
Traffic by Miriam “Camio” Curzon
His Palace by Slip-Wolf

Cover art by Ifus

patten08_smGods with Fur Edited by Fred Patten (General $19.95)

From the very beginning, mankind has found the divine in the shape of animals from across the world. Deities such as Ganesha, Coyote, Anubis, and The Monkey King—even Zeus took to the wing from time to time. In ancient Egyptian deserts, misty Central American rainforests, and across wind swept tundra, man has forever told stories of gods with fur, feathers, scales, or tusks.

Gods With Fur features twenty-three new stories of divine animals working their will upon the land. You may recognize gods such as Bastet, while other stories see authors working in their familiar worlds, such as M. R. Anglin’s Silver Foxes books or Kyell Gold’s Forester University books. Others are set in new worlds where the anthropomorphic gods have tales to tell us. We are proud to present this new furry view of divinity.

400 Rabbits by Alice “Huskyteer” Dryden
Contract Negotiations by Field T. Mouse
On the Run from Isofell by M. R. Anglin
To the Reader… by Alan Loewen
First Chosen by BanWynn Oakshadow
All Of You Are In Me by Kyell Gold
Yesterday’s Trickster by NightEyes DaySpring
The Gods of Necessity by Jefferson Swycaffer
The Precession of the Equinoxes by Michael H. Payne
Deity Theory by James L. Steele
Questor’s Gambit by Mary E. Lowd
Fenrir’s Saga by Televassi
The Three Days of the Jackal by Samuel C. Conway
A Melody in Seduction’s Arsenal by Slip-Wolf
Adversary’s Fall by MikasiWolf
As Below, So Above by Mut
Wings of Faith by Kris Schnee
The Going Forth of Uadjet by Frances Pauli
That Exclusive Zodiac Club by Fred Patten
Three Minutes To Midnight by Killick
A Day With No Tide by Watts Martin
Repast (A Story of Aligare) by Heidi C. Vlach
Origins by Michael D. Winkle

Roar Vol. 7 Edited by Mary E. Lowd (General $19.95)

ROAR7_smWelcome to a LEGENDARY volume of ROAR! That’s right, the theme for the seventh volume is legend, and it will take you on a journey from a fortune teller’s bamboo hut to the end of the world in the coils of a dead snake god, back in time to the Cretaceous and then up to the stars. You’ll meet tigers and cranes practicing Kung Fu, a singing frog, a gambling pigeon, a rap-star bearded dragon, a rhinoceros who’s friends with a goat, and several creatures you’ve probably never seen before.

Crouching Tiger, Standing Crane by Kyla Chapek
The Frog Who Swallowed the Moon by Renee Carter Hall
The Torch by Chris “Sparf” Williams
A Rock Among Millions by Skunkbomb
The Pigeon Who Wished For Golden Feathers by Corgi W.
Unbalanced Scales by Bill Kieffer
Reason by Heidi C. Vlach
Old-Dry-Snakeskin by Ross Whitlock
Kitsune Tea by E.A. Lawrence
A Touch of Magic by John B. Rosenman
Long Time I Hunt by Erin Lale
The Butterfly Effect by Jay “Shirou” Coughlan
The Roar by John Giezentanner
Trust by TJ
The Golden Flowers by Priya Sridhar
A Thousand Dreams by Amy Fontaine
Puppets by Ellis Aen

Cover art by Kadath, Edited by Mary E. Lowd


Blacklight4_smBlacklight #4 Art and Story by Roz Gibson (Mature $5.95)

In this, the penultimate chapter of Blacklight, Jack Salem and his reluctant partner John Smith find themselves among avian revolutionaries, who are not happy to see them! Meanwhile, Custer and the rest of Jack’s pursuers are stuck in Florida, running into trouble of their own as they try to track him down. Will they be able to catch up with Jack before he’s gone again?





City of Ice #4 Art and Story by Roz Gibson (Mature $9.95)

CityOfIce4_smThe plan to kidnap the mind-reader Nemo was successful, but victory came at a terrible price. The hospital is in ruins, collapsed onto the level underneath, taking hundreds of innocent victims to their death. A gaping hole fractures the overhead dome, allowing sub-zero weather to pour into the city and turning the inhabitant’s already precarious existence into a fight against the elements. While Reezon tries to convince the enigmatic telepath Nemo to help him, the council chairmen will stop at nothing to get Nemo back and punish those responsible for the kidnapping. And there are reasons people in the city would rather suicide rather than face the chairmen’s fury…





Luck04_smThe Luck of Fools Vol. 4 Art and Story by ArtDecade (Mature $14.95)

Three friends are on a journey of adventure, intrigue, and sex. Well, two friends, and the human they’ve tricked into being their accomplice.

But with magic, murder, and misadventure ahead of the, even these fools will need luck on their side.





Meatier Showers: Bulge Indulge Art and Story by Furious and Donryu (Mature $19.95)

furiousMS04_smTanz and Groover are visiting Buffie Beach for some much needed R&R. They come across a familiar feline face, Pridestar, who’s more than enthusiastic to show off his new trophy boyfriend.

The gauntlet is thrown to see who’s boyfriend is the biggest and buffest!

What would have been a regular muscle pose-down escalates out of control as Pride and Groover does whatever it takes to pump their boyfriends up to insane proportions!




ah-perception01_smPerception 01 Art and Story by Arthur Husky (Mature $19.95)

“Every individual perceives reality differently, If we let ourselves be determined by how others see us, Then we will never truly know ourselves.” — the philosopher kruphix

Follow Joe as he makes his way through college life, dealing with friends, fraternity, and homework.

Art and Story by Arthur Husky, creator of Fur-piled!



Olivia: The Pleasure Principle – Part 1 Art and Story by Kadath (Mature $19.95)

pleasureprinciple01_smOlivia is the new girl in school, and word spreads that she’s both easy on the eyes and easy to get in bed.

A clique of jealous girls hatches a plot to get Oliviaexpelled, and present evidence of her actions to the school counselor. Olivia carries on, unaware she is walking into a trap in this first installment of an erotic drama.

Features female nudity and adult situations.




predators01_smPredators of Kilimanjaro Art and Story by Fluff Kevlar (Mature $14.95)

Rehzi the gazelle and Mihari the cheetah, a bit of push and shove, hunter and hunted.

M/F adult comic.




Simone’s Story Art and Story by Roz Gibson and David Hopkins (Mature $5.95)

Simone_smIt’s Christmas, and Jack Salem’s employer Simone needs him to accompany her to a party and gift exchange. Jack isn’t exactly thrilled at this social obligation, and things just go downhill for him from there. While at the party, Simone takes advantage of the captive audience to tell a story from her time in the City of Ice, 50 years ago, when she had to go undercover to try and break up a ruthless slavery ring.

This volume also includes a never-before-seen Jack Salem comic, Epilogue, written by Roz Gibson and with art by Tracy Reynolds , which takes place shortly after the end of the comic Fashion Victim.




rough04_smThe Suburban Jungle: Rough Housing #04 Art and Story by John “The Gneech” Robey (General $5.95)

What would Frankie and Annette do?

Desperate times call for… a beauty contest? Things look bad for the Rough House and manager Charity Cheeger is at her wits’ end. Insurance won’t cover damage caused by giant crab attacks (who knew?) and her uncle has all but decided to sell and get out. Charity’s only hope is to find $10,000— and fast.

Time for surfer gal Roxie Fox to swoop in with a radical idea: enter the Rough Housers into the Missing Keys Best Bodies on the Beach contest! Are our heroes hawt enough to save the day?

An all new furry comic from the creator of The Suburban Jungle (Starring Tiffany Tiger) and Nevernever!

Teacher’s Conference Art and Story by Kaylii (Mature $19.95)

kaylii_teachersconf_smAnne gets a surprise visit by her coworker and partner, Jacob, after some time apart. Their welcome home present to each other would be not so quite in their home.

M/F adult scenes.





UniversityTails04_smUniversity Tails Vol. 4 (Mature $24.95)

Join us again for the fourth edition of University Tails! As the rich andpowerful ‘Legacy’ students rule the school social hierarchy, students on scholarship or sponsored by benefactors struggle to maintain in the demanding caste system.

Some do what they can to belong, others try to ignore it all together. What will befall the student body in their new social dynamic. Read all about their erotic misadventures in the latest issue of University Tails.

Stories and art featuring the talents of: Audiovideomeow, Chococosalo, Roum, Noha, and The Black Rook

Cover Art by: DragonFU
Featuring insert art by: Spirale, Cupcakedrawings, Sinfuldreams15, Lavender Pandy, and Tatsumichi


Artdecade Monthly Collection 2013 (Mature $24.95)

artd2013_smFor over five years, independent furry illustrator, Artdecade, has been creating new and enticing images on a regular basis for his private gallery, which hosts numerous comics and an entire year’s worth of illustrations.

This collection includes 97 full colour images featured on the site in 2013, and since the images are no longer available online, it’s the best way to enjoy Artdecade’s cast of verile men!





coffeestains4_smCoffee Stains Vol. 4: Frappe Frappe Frappe Art and Comics by Kadath (Mature $19.95)

A compilation of some of the best of Kadath’s work from 2014 and 2015.

Includes a number of pieces featuring Kadath’s characters, commissioned works, and the short comic Ignorance is Bliss.

Features M/F, M/M and F/F adult artwork.



Dirty Animals Vol. 2 by AtomicBoyX (Mature $24.95)

kumada02_smAtomicBoyX’s second art collection.







milestones_smMilestones 2007-2012 Artbook by Fluff-Kevlar (Mature $24.95)

This artbook contains 75+ pages of Milestones in Fluff Kevlar’s time as an artist, and in you’ll find all kinds and types of it.

Sketches, paysites, commissions, adult and more compiled from 2007-2012.




Splatter punk by Kadath (Mature $14.95)

splatterpunk_smOlivia indulges in her spunky side in this portfolio soaking with eroticism. Also includes a sketch gallery. Towels not included.

Features M/F adult artwork and some bondage elements.





vasuki02_smStoatally Art Vol 2 by Vasuki (Mature $24.95)

What awaits you within…

New characters with bios/descriptions
Intimate glimpses of certain hunks!
Exclusive art and sketches!

Return to the Vasukiverse!

A familiar realm of cute boys and fuzzy noodle beasts lies in wait. The key is in your hands! Open the door to access a collection of fun art and sketches from 2015 and early 2016 — surely there is something for you inside!

Tsampikos Folio 2016 by Tsampikos (Mature $24.95)

tsampikos2016_smTsampikos is back with a selection of works created throughout 2015 and 2016. This folio includes the continuation of Cottonwood Springs, the beginning of a new Patreon comic, plus pinups from Sexyfur, Tailheat, and pieces created exclusively for this folio.






rukis-warhound_smWar Hound by Rukus (Mature Hardcover $34.95 and Softcover $24.95)

A hardcover/softcover art collection of Rukis’ anthropomorphic animals, armed for battle. Features fantasy, historical, and science fiction settings.

Ready. Your. Weapons.





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