NEWSDUMP – Fur-friendly culture, mascot boot camp – (7/25/16)

by Patch O'Furr

Here’s headlines, links and little stories to make your tail wag.  Tips:

Mascot Boot Camp in the Washington Post.

They sent a reporter to Mascot-Boot-Campattend Mascot Boot Camp. It’s run by Dave Raymond.  “Dave was the original Phillie Phanatic — the first to inhabit the green costume in 1978. In the mascot community, he is something of a founding father.”

Dave is also founder of The Mascot Hall of Fame. It’s scheduled to open in Indiana in 2017.  They said that he has run the Mascot Boot Camp for more than 20 years and it will continue at their new venue. Here’s a video for the 2016 camp.

In 2015 I did a series about crossover of fursuiting and professional sports mascots. Look for update articles next week with a Q&A from Uncle Kage, an MFF organizer, and Cornbread Wolf (who fursuits for fun at sports games.)

Frog and Toad are a proto-furry relationship story.

The New Yorker covers the beloved classic children’s book series by Arnold Lobel. “During his career, he worked on dozens of children’s books, both as a writer and as an illustrator… His specialty was animals and their misadventures.”

According to his daughter:

“Adrianne suspects that there’s another dimension to the series’s sustained popularity. Frog and Toad are ‘of the same sex, and they love each other… It was quite ahead of its time in that respect.’ In 1974, four years after the first book in the series was published, Lobel came out to his family as gay. ‘I think ‘Frog and Toad’ really was the beginning of him coming out'”…

frogIt’s interesting to look at how anthropomophism, character and sexuality came together in simple friendship stories. You don’t need to know about the author for the stories to be just as good, but the writing is very personal.  These are mainstream children’s books, but I might dare to say that the hidden meaning gives them more in common with furry fan fic than anyone but us would understand.

“Furlesque” at Cincinnatti Fringe Fest.

The play tells the story of a young girl, Nancy, who “grows up” in the wings of the Scratch and Sniff, a burlesque club for furries… The opening choreography, featuring five adults in full animal costumes dancing semi-seductively for five minutes, set the tone. I laughed, I was sometimes confused — and I got strangely aroused by a salamander.”

DAWGTOWN movie gets on Patreon.

This indie animated feature (with voice acting by George Foreman) has been long in production. That’s fine since it’s coming from one talented artist without a movie studio.  Furstarter covered it back in 2013:

“It seems like every piece of indie animation on Kickstarter–really, every piece of animation, period–has the taint of cheap CGI on it. The shelves are filled with the stuff. “Dawgtown” is a hand-drawn, dark, and serious piece of animation, right out of the late “Bluth” period. It’s about time for an old-school project like this.”

The director did an interview with Dogpatch Press.  It isn’t furry-made but it’s bound to have very furry-friendly results.  And this kind of thing is so rare that I really hope it succeeds.

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dragonThe New Pete’s Dragon Wants To Surpass The Original, And Being Furry Is Essential. At Gizmodo.

Why Elliott in the New PETE’S DRAGON is Furry. Read more at NERDIST.

Zootopia directors inspired by fan art and fandom.

MTV News talks to Disney directors Byron Howard and Rich Moore.  “In many ways, Zootopia has found a second life on Tumblr, where impassioned fans can engage with the material Howard and Moore spent five years creating. After all, Zootopia is so much more than a movie; it’s a world…”

Furries go on stage at Caravan Palace concert.

Spottacus shared that 20 furries went in fursuit in Oakland, CA, to see the electroswing band famous for the Lone Digger animated anthro music video.

toolTOOL band does a special surprise for their opener 3TEETH.

Unique home listing includes person in a panda suit in every picture. (Tip: Ermine Notyours)

From Seattlepi: “Following three weeks of few showings and little activity, a real estate agent in the Houston area opted for a unique approach to selling a Spring home… She says that within a day of the listing-with-panda going up, she’s already scheduled several showings.”


AMAZING FURRY NEWS COMING SOON – Don’t Tell Mom What Happened At The Con In #7!