The Best Furry Videos of 2016! Culturally F’d teams up with Dogpatch Press.

by Arrkay

It’s an honor to welcome guest posting with Culturally F’d, the furry channel most in tune with everything we do here. Thanks Arrkay! – Patch

Hey Fluff Punks, it’s Arrkay here from Culturally F’d. Hope you had a restful holiday! Today we’re going to round up 2016’s best of furry YouTube.

2016 video roundup

Hilda The Bambioid at ConFurence Zero. This outstanding blast from the past surfaced from a very early organized furry event.  It was one of the first furry-made fursuits. This cheesy dance was part of this very small con’s masquerade, long before there were enough fursuits to clog the con halls with a parade.

(Comment from Patch: This was digitized and uploaded by Changa Lion, from the original video in the library of the Prancing Skiltaire furry house. I got dinner with him at Further Confusion and got to hear his surprise and amusement at seeing this go unexpectedly viral! He mentioned that the suit-wearer always intended the performance to be undercover without identity.  It’s easy to find today, although it’s unknown if credit would be welcomed now.)

FurScience “Just Like You” campaign. I got a sneak peak of this back in March at Furnal Equinox.  The IARP has rebranded its public face as “FurScience” in an effort to combat furry stigma and give the parents of furries some information and relief.

“The Natural World” by EZ Wolf. He knocks our socks off again with a twist on the typical convention video, a mockumentary of furries in the wild.

“Furries in the Media” by Aberguine.  She shines a light on the scene in her own series, where she picks apart instances in TV and the news where furries are used, and grades them on accuracy and spirit. Here is her dissection of the infamous CSI Episode “Fur and Loathing”:

The Raccoons Den also had the lead up to their season finale start, in a dramatic recreation of a news blogger manipulating furry fandom interviews for yet another click-baity headline on the deviancy of Furry.

Screen Shot 2017-01-15 at 6.19.17 PMFurry.Today’s Best videos from 2016


I’m a regular visitor at and so should you be! I spend most of my time on YouTube, but Changa Lion curates Furry Today from Vimeo as well.

(Comment from Patch: Changa Lion is a greymuzzle who lives with “furry founders” RodO’Riley and Mark Merlino at the Prancing Skiltaire. All of us got dinner at Further Confusion and I heard a wealth of fandom wisdom from the 1980’s and older.  They told me great stories of associating with Golden Age animation royalty like Chuck Jones and influencing animation history, such as getting obscure anime screened for Disney artists who used it for parts of movies you would recognize.  Changa has professional broadcast graphics experience, and described himself as a “video hoarder.” He has long compiled animation festivals worth of content to show at cons.  I told him that deserved much wider audience, even a touring festival of its own. The fandom is big and active enough to support one now.)  

I reached out for Changa’s top picks from 2016, and here’s what we’ve got.

Music Videos:



Culturally F’d in 2016:


At Culturally F’d, we worked our tails off to produce and upload about 70 videos in 2016 – bringing our total uploaded to a cool 100. The most popular was one we felt was sorely needed and took about 6 collaborators to write – Culturally F’d’s 17 Misconceptions about Furries and the Furry Fandom:

Our crossover with Aberguine was a double whammy and a huge highlight for our year as well. She’s delightful to work with and her channel delivers consistent reviews of furries in the news, reality TV and talk shows and anywhere else we show up.

On the fun side of our channel, our official mascot Rusty has been working throughout the year on his own fursuit, a wolf-husky sparkledog named, with the help of our viewers, “Tetanus”. This compilation will conveniently catch you up on how Rusty inadvertently breathed life into his horrifically ugly fursuit.

Our best episodes of the year were all written with outside help. So thank you to everyone who’s reached out to Culturally F’d or let us use your work in some way. We’re hoping that 2017 will have more collaboration and cross-overs between furries on YouTube.

Culturally F’d recent news:


Here’s what’s been happening on Culturally F’d: We took the holiday off of doing proper episodes and gave you a few bonus episodes including: The Art of F’d, a look at how our thumbnails are painted by Underbite, the Tetanus and Rusty compilation above and last week Rusty punched 2016 in the face. This week we’re taking a look at “Death and Bunnies: RIP Watership Down author R. Adams” and doing an author spotlight on the late Richard Adams and his work.

We also launched our store! Please check out our store at: to check out some sweet t-shirts. Fluff Punk is a play on how SteamPunk and Dieselpunk can just take on “punk” onto something to make it an arts movement, furries get to be Fluff Punks (if you want). We also have a gorgeous full print design based on the work by J.C.Leyendecker. It was the cover of the Saturday Evening Post in the July edition 1905.

Ursa Major AwardIt’s also Ursa Major Award Nominations Season! Send them your nominations for the best in Furry from 2016, including videos and video creators. Sign up now, it’s super easy, and keep an eye out here on for their annual Ursa Major award articles.

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