Three furries save lives in deadly multi-vehicle crash in England.

by Patch O'Furr

(Thanks for tip from Tinkafur)

On Saturday, September 16, a highway accident killed four and hospitalized three in South Gloucestershire, in the south west of England.  A truck suffered a tire blowout and lost control. It crossed into the oncoming lane, demolishing cars and a motorbike before landing in a ditch.

Three witnesses were in a car 30 seconds behind the crash. They rushed to help at a traumatic scene.  Kids were pulled from a car on fire, while rescue crews were stuck in traffic.  Eyewitness Katie Sultana says:

“Everyone ran out of their cars and the public were incredible, they managed to help many casualties out of the accident.

There were many people with blood on their bodies and then the car that had been forced down into the ditch with the lorry was surrounded by many men who were trying their hardest to get out the people inside… the emergency services were incredible, but honestly it was the worst crash I’ve ever seen.”

Those three men are being called heroes by British media for going to the aid of strangers.  But there hasn’t been recognition for another special quality they share. Not all heroes wear capes, but some wear fursuits.  They are Jasper Foxx , Dodger (Daniel Stevenson) and Ash.

Jasper’s Facebook is filling up with thank-you’s.

Dodger is posting about having a hard time dealing with the aftermath, so send him a hug:

Dodger mentions sharing a furry house with Jasper and others. Here’s more of Dodger (right) and Jasper below.

These furries are no strangers to doing charity. In May 2017, “Walk the Track for Billy” was a fundraiser for teenage racing driver Billy Monger, who lost his legs in a crash. Dodger and Jasper brought friends to walk in fursuits, raising over $300 and making it fun and positive.Whether it’s fundraising or an urgent emergency, helping people is a furry thing. That’s the good part of a sad story. Thanks to Dodger, Jasper and Ash for showing what the community is made of and being the best kind of people, with or without fursonas.