HappyWulf’s Furry KickStarters – Ep. 3

by Dogpatch Press Staff

Welcome back, my shopping friends. Let me tell you a story! I almost missed this first entry because I don’t usually sift through the music section of KickStarter for projects to share. Imagine the egg on my face had I not found it. People don’t tell me these things! I have to find out on my own! I’m here to tell YOU about these things!! So these things, here they are!


Muh. A Pepper Coyote Album

I shouldn’t need to introduce Pepper Coyote. This is for his new album, along with Fox Amoore, Runtt and Koro. You can also get it on Vinyl!


Scurry: The Drowned Forest – a post-apocalyptic mouse tale

This is Book 2 of an amazing looking graphic novel. You can also get Book 1 if you’re new to the series.

(A preview for Scurry) >>>

The Oswald Chronicles, Passing Queens #4, 5, 6

Another comic I am new to and it being it’s next set of issues. Again you can get caught up with the whole series if this one interests you. You can also get Text-less covers if you like the cover art.

Rescue Cats (Number One)

This is a 35 page digital only PDF comic of cats with super powers. The KS says it is already done and you’ll get the PDF as soon as the campaign ends.  It’s only live for 3 more days and the only pledge is for $5.

47 Furious Tails: Issue One (Samurai Comic Book)

This is a retelling of an old Samurai legend, but with Furries! Based on historical events, this comic is in color and is 28 pages long. Only 1 issue.



An interesting new take on the Social Deduction genre. Players auction for Were-creatures to collect the ones they want, and others they don’t, so as to throw off the other players who can knock you out if they correctly guess which beast you’re going for.  You can also get, as an add-on, this group’s last game, also Were-related Social Deduction game, but which is that of a Word Game; Were-Words.

Wander: “The Cult of Barnacle Bay”

I’ll let the graphic for this one do the talking for me.

Griff the Winged Lion – Retro-inspired 3D Platformer

This is the 2nd time I’ve seen Griff come to KickStarter, the first time it failed, and this time it’s not doing too well either. It wants to be a modern classic like that of Spyro from the PSX Era.

Vasty Wilds: The Card-Based Board Game

The last board game this week is full of garden critters and cards. It is a game of exploring and collecting objectives on a changing, modular board.

Claws of Furry

Claws is a side-scrolling character action beat em up with skills to unlock and level up.  This one is also not doing too well with less than 2 weeks remaining and less than 20% funding.


Halloween Cat Enamel Pins

Finally we have one set of Pins this week. Not a half dozen! Just 1. Of Cats. For Halloween. Halloween Cats. 3 days remain!

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