Aquatifur is making a splash with the first waterpark furry con, October 2017.

by Patch O'Furr

Who else loved going to Biggest Little Fur Con at a resort with go karts, mini golf, bowling and more?

For finny friends and everyone else too, here’s a new one.  A fur con at a water park is such an amazing idea, the fun is rubbing off on me vicariously.  I’m happy for everyone who gets to go. I love swimming and fursuiting – what could be better than enjoying both at the same place? Maybe not at the same time though, unless you don’t mind a little lawn sprinkler action.  Stand back!

Here’s the info for you, courtesy of con chair Treble Vandoren:

AquatiFur is a one-of-a-kind, first ever furry con to be held at a waterpark!  Join us on Oct 20-22, 2017 at the Kalahari Resort in Wisconsin Dells, WI. The Kalahari has a 125,000 sq. foot indoor waterpark packed with rides and a swim up hot tub/bar!  It also features its own Indoor Theme Park filled with bowling, arcades, mini golf, laser tag, a ropes course and more!

When you book your stay at the Kalahari, the water park passes are free during the duration of your hotel stay – and through the entire day. (Meaning if you check out on Sunday, the passes are good until 10pm that day.)

Dive in and register at the Aquatifur website.

The Kalahari has excellent rooms ranging from the smallest 4 person normal double room, to the Entertainment Villas that house up to 18 people! All this info can be found on the Aquaitfur hotel page.  Info on the rooms themselves are on the hotel’s own page (just click on Rooms and Reservations to see all the types of rooms they have.)

Thanks to Treble – and anyone who makes it, have a tiki drink or three for me.

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