Good news from Tiny Paws con, and a look at Spalding’s furry art.

by Patch O'Furr

Two furry things happened in Connecticut the other week. One was sad – a politician lost a job for being too open minded about furry stuff. And one was happy: Tiny Paws con happened, giving love to that very same politician and raising money for the Humane Society too.  Whenever there’s a setback, look for how this cool fandom keeps moving forward.

Tiny Paws is made by former staffers of Furfright, and you’ll definitely hear more about it here.  It’s very special to me, because oh my gosh, they invited me to be Guest of Honor in 2018!

I’ll have to work hard to earn that. Meanwhile, let me tell you about a hard working artist.  When the con started talking to me, they asked if I wanted an ad in the con book. That’s why Spalding lent a paw to draw this fabulous cartoon ad:

Spalding is a practicing Bay Area furry artist who’s been at it for a few years now. He’s contributed art to conventions such as Further Confusion, Biggest Little FurCon, and Rainfurrest. He does badge work mostly in his spare time, but strives to do more and be a better anthro artist.  You should check him out on FurAffinity and Twitter.

I have to keep this short or I’ll get distracted…

Woof! Where was I again? Oh yeah, Tiny Paws! I can’t wait – wish it was there already!  Come hang out!  Expect more when it gets closer to August 2018.

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