Furry Book Month – Some Recommendations

by Summercat

Welcome to guest poster Summercat! October is Furry Book month (better late than never). -Patch

Started in 2016 by an alliance of Furry Publishers, Furry Book Month is about showcasing the written word from the Furry Fandom. To support the efforts I decided to write up a list of Furry books I’ve enjoyed in recent years that are currently available for sale. These are just short blurbs rather than full reviews, and are in no particular order. 

Otters in Space, by Mary Lowd (FurplanetRabbit Valley)

Otters in Space was suggested to me a few years back at Further Confusion, and I picked up the first book in the series then. After reading through it that night, I went back the next day and picked up the sequel. The books are an enjoyable action-mystery where anthropomorphic animals are living in a world that humans left behind, with Cats and Dogs living on Earth, and Otters in space.

Sixes Wild, by Tempe O’kun (Furplanet, Rabbit Valley)

While I am friends with Tempo, our relationship started out as fanboy and author as I sought to praise him for his wild west novel Sixes Wild: Manifest Destiny. While the first book in the series has some rough edges, they are not so rough as to detract from the interesting world and characters that Tempo has created. The second title, Echos shows a lot of improvement and polish, as well as going into a bit more detail about the wider world. For more details, you can check out Fred Patten’s review on Echos.

Windfall, by Tempe O’kun (Furplanet, Rabbit Valley)

Another Tempo novel, this time an Adult Paranormal Romance. Windfall manages to weave the growing relationship between the two main characters alongside the investigation of weird happenings in the town. Also it has an otter as a main character. I can’t resist that! For a second opinion, Fred Patten reviewed it as well.

Intimate Little Secrets, by Rechan (Furplanet, Bad Dog Books)

I recently reviewed Intimate Little Secrets and gave it a positive review, so it is no surprise I would again recommend this collection of slice-of-life stories with erotic heterosexual scenes.

The Tower and the Fox, by Tim Susman (Furplanet, Rabbit Valley)

I called this the novel from Kyell Gold I’ve been waiting a decade for, and I was not let down. Set in the late 1700s in a magical alternate New World, I recommended it in my review. I want to encourage Kyell to write more non-erotic fiction, so please go buy it!

Freelance Familiar, by Daniel Potter (Amazon)

One of those “The magical world is just hiding behind a veil” settings, the series follows Thomas Katt after he ends up on the wrong side of the Veil and transformed into a non-anthro mountain lion familiar, and his attempts to going back to being human – oh, and solve some mysteries and stop the end of the world. Fred Patten called the first book a “winner”, and I enjoyed both it and the second book in the series.

The David Birkenhead Series, by Phil Geusz (Amazon)

The David Birkenhead series is a military scifi series following the titular main character – a genetically engineered rabbit – through his career in his nation’s navy, facing prejudice along the way.

What about you? Do you have any recommendations? We welcome your feedback in our comments section! – Summercat

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