Ever hear that Altfurries are just trolls? A real Nazi leader is taking them seriously.

by Summercat

Founder of Neo-nazi website The Daily Stormer praises Nazifurs and Altfurs as good examples for his wider movement.

One defense of Nazifurs I’ve heard over the years is that they’re just adopting fascist fashion to get a rise out of you, or even that they’re mocking real Nazis. This doesn’t hold up well to me, as ones I knew in 2005 who said they were joking are mostly taking their act seriously now.

Something about staring into the void, I guess. Or maybe I was a shitty judge of character when I spent time with them as a naive 20 year old? It could be a bit of both. Friends of mine have looked on former mutuals with horror when I’ve pointed out how far some have gone.

But people still claim that we’re being ridiculous if we take this seriously. They say that real Nazis could never be – or accept – Furries.

That denialism gets weaker and weaker when real Nazis look at nazifurs and love what they see.

Who is this dude thats promoting Foxler and saying that Nazis should embrace Nazifurs? None other than Andrew Anglin, founder of the premier Neonazi website “The Daily Stormer“. Anglin is the real deal. Nazi, white supremacy, the whole nine yards. Here he is promoting the worst our community has, and holding them up as examples to his own.

It could be a PR move to shame his own people into acting. After all, since people have started confronting these racist assholes, attendance has been dropping at their events and their movement fracturing. I guess it turns out confrontation is the best way to address these people.

Shaming members to act by upholding altfurries, while privately regarding them as disposable tools, would be consistent with history. Gay nazi leaders were powerful until they were purged. (The most consistent thing about fascists is being two-faced for power.) But it’s not like intentions make it any less malignant.

PR move or not, this real Nazi has treated Altfurs as true Aryan Brothers. Altfurs are reaching back and responding positively. In fact, we know they’ve been trying to get nazi leaders attention for a while. Anglin, in current responses to his followers, is taking them seriously and at face value.

Maybe it’s time for the Furry Fandom to do the same.

Note from Patch: This isn’t the first furry connection to The Daily Stormer. Furry-troll turned neo-nazi Andrew Dodson, who participated in violence at the Charlottesville rally in August 2017, reached out to associate with Weev (the Daily Stormer web admin) and Sam Hyde (a funder of the site). Dodson has since been active at cons and with altfurries. Weev briefly joined the Furry Raiders in a plan to try bringing Foxler to political rallies.

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