The Fuzzy Princess, Vol. 2, by Charles Brubaker – Book Review by Fred Patten

by Pup Matthias

Submitted by Fred Patten, Furry’s favorite historian and reviewer.

The Fuzzy Princess, vol. 2, by Charles Brubaker. Illustrated.
Martin, TN, Smallbug Press, February 2018, trade paperback, $10.99 (175 pages).

The Fuzzy Princess, volume 1, was reviewed here last September. These are the adventures of interstellar Princess Katrina of St. Paws and her bat (Chiro) and bear (Kuma) escorts, and the humans on Earth that she moves in with (Jackson, a boy wizard, & his older sister Jordan) and their friends (highschooler Gladdie, her little sister Tara, and Rick). Kat and her companions come to Earth in a flying box (cats love boxes) that has her large interdimensional room inside it. Kat has a detachable tail that can be magically turned into anything. Kat, Chiro, and Kuma use magic/alien technology to make other people see them as normal humans. Kat’s ongoing adversary is Krisa, a rat spy from Mousechester who is usually locked inside a birdcage.

The Fuzzy Princess is Charles Brubaker’s Internet humorous comic strip, in color (this reprint volume is only in black-&-white), updated three times a week. It’s not gag-a-day; there is an ongoing story line.

But! Brubaker also publishes The Fuzzy Princess as a series of independent comic books from 24 to 36 pages, printed on demand by IndyPlanet in Orlando, Florida. This volume 2 reprints the comics from #8 to #11, with some new material. These also appear on the Monday-Wednesday-Friday online strip.

The Fuzzy Princess volume 2 contains four adventures. Kat, Jackson, and Gladdie explore a neighborhood “haunted house” that is the lair of three robbers who disguise themselves as movie monsters. Kat organizes a combined human Christmas party/St. Paws Winter Fest. Kat’s mother Queen Felicia visits Earth to make sure that she’s all right, and Krisa uses the occasion to try to steal Kat’s detachable tail, with the help of a fat bully called only “Bloated Whale”. Kat and Jackson have to babysit Gladdie’s spoiled little sister, Princess” Tara, who blows up a TV set and menaces Jackson with a scrap yard’s giant electromagnetic. Mr. Tim, Jordan & Jackson’s exhausted next-door neighbor, falls asleep in the middle of their apartment-house hall one night. Kat & Kuma, not wearing their human disguises, try to take him home and he wakes up on them, thinks the talking cat & bear are the result of a dream, and leads them on a wild night to Joey’s Pub where Kuma wins an open-mic contest as a bear reciting haiku, Kat gets drunk on catnip, and she demolishes Sparrow, a hulking bully.

The Fuzzy Princess is funny. It’s worth reading whether it’s an online comic strip, an independent comic book, or these reprint paperbacks. Enjoy.

Fred Patten

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