Zoion, a magazine to promote furry art, is launching on Kickstarter.

by Patch O'Furr

Postcards handed out at Furry Weekend Atlanta

On Kickstarter: an Anthropomorphic Art Magazine is being launched by Zoion Media and its creator Pulsar. (It ends on April 29, so don’t wait to support.)

Our goal is to create a contemporary, well designed, image-driven magazine focusing on clean, evocative, highly artistic, well developed and well executed anthropomorphic art and themes. We want to make something the average furry is proud to show their non-furry friends to give them an idea of what furry art is all about.

Pulsar talked about inspiration for a print magazine to promote furry fandom creators and artists:

“I’ve always been an artist and I read a lot on contemporary fine art. I remember standing in the bookstore browsing Juxtapoz and Hi-Fructose and thinking, ‘there needs to be something just like this for furry art’.”

Those names stood out to me. So did the focus on clean art. That sounds smart for professional reasons. If it open-mindedly supports creators who do adult art elsewhere (which includes Pulsar himself), that could make a needed gateway between fandom and the mainstream, where the word “furry” is less sensitive.

Zoion is meant to feature strong curation and professional execution to appeal both inside and outside of fandom. Although it’s visually driven, it can be for more than art, too – like writing about creative process, artist profiles and interviews, themed media reviews, and critical analysis.

Pulsar has a blog piece that talks about rationale for the project. (He’ll share more aspects of design and planning there). He says:

…the fandom has been growing rapidly and has also been getting more mainstream attention. The tone of that attention has shifted as well, from the CSI days of furry being known exclusively as this weird fetishy thing, to more journalists, charities, and internet denizens standing up to defend furries when they come up in threads or news.

…I believe this desire for legitimacy in the furry fandom means it’s right time to launch that idea for an anthro art magazine I had five years ago.

There’s a precedent for mainstream crossover. In 2016, furry artist Onta (of porn site Hardblush.com) featured in mainstream comic anthology Island, from Image Comics. (Read an interview about it with Onta by Bessie, an occasional Dogpatch Press contributor.)

I rarely do headlines about crowdfunding, but publishing is special to me. Last week, that included a furry photo art book project, “At Home With the Furries” by Tom Broadbent. It succeeded with raising over $13,000. It’s a great time for this stuff, with Joe Strike’s Furry Nation being a milestone too. I think investing effort for real, physical media is a step beyond fandom into a movement. That’s why I’m happy to see the term “art movement” explicitly associated with Zoion.

Pulsar added:

“I think there’s a real desire in the furry fandom to be able to talk more openly about furry as an interest or a hobby. But pointing friends to a website or Twitter account can be difficult because furries tend to mix styles, types, and levels of maturity in their art,” Pulsar said. “Zoion would provide a way to showcase the best of anthro art in one place, in a way that’s not being done on any other platform.”

Zoion Media is soliciting for artists and creators who want to participate. To be considered, visit zoionmedia.com and find “Submission Info” to submit.