Furry is Punk | Culturally F’d

by Arrkay

Guest post by Arrkay from Culturally F’d, the furry youtube channel. See their tag on Dogpatch Press for more.

Furry and Punk have a lot in common, way more than you think! Arrkay discusses the parallels of the two movements, their philosophies, their work ethic and more! We’re really excited for this episode as it’s been on the list of suggestions for over a year!

This episode came together with the help of a lot of different furs! This article is going to look at some of the research we used, and a shoutout for everyone who helped.

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The episode was divided into several sections, the titles only really make sense in the written script and are otherwise lost in the translation to video:

  1. Punk Primer
  2. DIY Ethics (at about 3:57)
  3. Anti-Establishment (about 6:06)
  4. Kink as Fashion (about 8:21)
  5. No Fascists at this party (about 9:31)
  6. Close-out (about 12:59)


Also shout out to Reggie Fox, who not only has a sweet sponsor spot in the YCH thumbnail, but also helped us track down that punk-pamphlet via twitter:

We should note that the pamphlet did not directly inspire the video, the script was already drafted when we rediscovered it. It did help us confirm some of our suspicions though. The creator of the pamphlet is still a mystery!

Our research also dug up this limited edition punk art and design book focusing on the sexual elements of the arts movement. NSFW imagery:

Provocative new book explores sex in punk

Additional Research links:
A collection of YouTube posted Documentaries on Punk. They feature nazi-punks a lot though, so heads up: https://i-d.vice.com/en_us/article/kz8jqx/the-5-best-punk-documentaries-on-youtube

I have a digital copy of Furry Nation by Joe Strike, so I was able to quickly find any instances of the word “Punk” in the manuscript, leading to the quote by Boomer the Dog and his fursuit Papey: http://furrynation.com/

We also used a track by Xephyr, which Underbite Dragon now drums for. Check out their music, which is more prog-rock than punk, but we won’t hold it against them: https://www.youtube.com/user/XephyrRocks



Here is an article by GQ that has a series of short anecdotes of punk-rockers having to deal with neo-nazi’s showing up to ruin their shows. It has many examples of how to deal with them nonviolently, and their violent reactions to being shown the door. Open clashes were rare, but there are a few instances of those as mentioned here as well: https://www.gq.com/story/punks-and-nazis-oral-history

Ever hear that Altfurries are just trolls? A real Nazi leader is taking them seriously.

I have one more thing I want to express to alt-furries and anyone sympathizing with neo-nazis. I think one day soon there’s going to be a very furry version of this classic Dead Kennedys track:


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