Artists wanted – Hugo the Pink Cat is Artist of the Month, April 2018.

by Patch O'Furr

ARTISTS WANTED! Please share. Artist of the month is a program to commission and promote furries. It’s paid by site funding with gratitude to patrons. There will be a headline post for the chosen furry, and regular comics may be added too. Here’s art that previously appeared, and this month’s banner and comic from Hugo the Pink Cat.

Twitter: HugoThePinkCat
FA: (some NSFW stuff)

“I’m 34 years old, from Montreal, been in the fandom since 1999 , active since 2001. Been drawing more seriously for the last 7 years. I don’t exactly have a college formation in arts but I’ve been self-taught for the last decade and take a lot of inspiration from European graphic novels and early western animation. “Ligne claire” and bright lively colours are my thing. I like to think I fill a nice little niche between cartoony and still somehow alluring. (Or so my friends say).”

TO APPLY please submit this to

  • One favorite piece, a one-paragraph bio, and your links.
  • Your price for a banner for the top of this site.
  • (Optional) price for one comic with artistic freedom (any format, a panel, strip, or page.)
  • Price for a six month/six comic contract.

Banner should be at least 1000 x 200 (.jpg, png or gif). Toony furry characters never fail, but it doesn’t have to have characters if it says “furry news” somehow (a graphic design with a fur pattern or collage of headlines would work – experimenting is good.) If you need any idea about what the site is for, try the About page. A comic can be any format – strip, single panel political cartoon, or a story page. Use artistic freedom. It can have existing characters of yours, or just a funny joke. It could be about a story on the site from the last month, issues in fandom, or toon characters talking about stuff in the regular world. Try to keep it SFW. Happy subjects are great but criticism with a point is OK too.

Special shout outs to other artists for this fan art! 

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