Tiny Paws Con is coming to Connecticut and I’m so excited to be there!

by Patch O'Furr



I’ve enjoyed many kinds of furry conventions with different themes, size, and pacing.

There’s the small local relax-a-con near me, Pacific Anthropomorphics Weekend (November 2018) – an underrated gem in the San Francisco Bay Area, where the party floor is one long open balcony and the whole con can be friends at the same time.  Then there’s the extravagance of Anthrocon, where it feels like a whole neighborhood of Pittsburgh gets in theme without being asked. The playful storefronts and sidewalk signs make it feel like Furry Christmas, and there’s nothing like it anywhere else I’ve been. When the fursuit parade fills the city street, and you’re there with thousands of ordinary citizens cheering for it, it’s one of the 7 Wonders of the Furry World. (Mine, anyways. Make your own list – that’s the beauty of what furries do.)

But I’ve always gone as an ordinary fan like any other. Tiny Paws changed that by inviting me to be a Guest of Honor. Wow! I don’t care whether they stuff 7 hotels like that thing in that other place (who needs elevator lines?) – it makes me wag my tail like a propeller.

Guess what… it’s amazing and special and cool, but it’s also hard work!  Every con depends on volunteers to make it happen (give a special shout out to con staff whenever you can). It’s no different for a GOH.  They’re supposed to be part of the attraction, and that means helping to promote, entertain and provide whatever talent got the invitation.

In this case, it’s being a GOH who isn’t known as an artist. How often do cons recognize non-artists who contribute to the fandom? I don’t know, but it would be a nice topic for a chat.

As for what I can contribute… that means running a panel which I tentatively summarized like this:

DIY Furry Power: Self Employment and what fandom is all about.

“Furry fandom is: Creativity and Doing It Yourself. It’s a dog eat dog world, but self employed people can thrive here – that’s the challenge every artist faces. It’s a sandbox where you build what you want. It’s also about direct exchange of skills, working together, and strength in numbers. In this panel, we’ll look at ways to get into building projects or offering services, what kinds succeed and why, and the state of “the furry economy”. There will be practical discussion for artists and freelancers, but also a fun look at furry creativity for anyone who loves what fandom is about. And maybe some shared spirit of DIY Punk. This panel draws from deep research and experience that Patch writes about at Dogpatch.press, the most active furry news site – and his 14 years of making a living boss-free as a dog on the loose.”

There’s helping to judge the Talent Show, which I think means just sticking a marker in my paws and holding up one of those number cards, and looking fluffy!

There’s having a table in the Expo (Dealer’s Den), where I might put out some silly-headline graphic prints? And maybe some furry soap and stickers?

And showing up all bleary-eyed but ready to snarfle a dog bowl at the Breakfast Buffet for special Wolf level friends of the con.

Some of this is going to involve fellow guests; artist Shadra, Uncle Kage, Boozy Badger, and even his badg-lets(?) Badgotts. I’m not worthy!

This says I’m a non-artist GOH… that’s a bit of a fib. (Fake news!!) I very rarely do any drawing specifically for fandom, and have never been free for commissions, but Tiny Paws is just so special I made an exception. Here’s one I did for promotion (others here.)

If you go, expect this stuff and more (and this is a family-friendly con.)

  • Expo
  • Large tabletop gaming room
  • Charity raffle
  • Photo studio
  • Open crafting room
  • Numerous panels and fun events, three days of fursuit events, and a happy birthday celebration with cake!


  • Art By Mitsene
  • AshWolves5
  • BeanMews
  • Cadmiumtea and Tenza
  • Copper Centipede
  • Crazdude Art & Design
  • Dogpatch Press (GOH)
  • The Dragon’s Lair
  • Fur The More
  • gBlazeWear, LLC
  • Grandpaw Joe’s Defaced Vinyls And More!
  • Hopeful Monster Studio
  • How Bout Meow
  • JenKiwi
  • KatUsedCharm
  • K Brand Art
  • Lawyers & Liquor (GOH)
  • LittlePawzfursuits
  • M&T Comics and Cards
  • Mad Tea Kreations
  • Magical Girl Soap Company
  • Magic Foxy Artworks
  • Makoto’s Creations
  • The Manic Macaw
  • Name Tags By Nyght
  • NightlineZ
  • Open Wing Studio
  • Owl’s Mirror Studio
  • RCSI Publishing
  • Rylucius
  • Saba illustration
  • Sam Neukirch
  • Scents Fur All
  • Shadra Avro Art (GOH)
  • Star Sweets
  • Static Claws
  • Stormslegacy Designs
  • Technicolour Costumes
  • Trot L’Oeil Artistry
  • Vulturesong
  • Wingtip Designs

Whether you live near or far, hope to see you there. Be fabulous and frisky until it’s time for fun!

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