Altfurries caught buying fake accounts and doing organized harassment.

by Patch O'Furr

Content warning: hate speech

Meet Sam, a racist troll.

In early 2018, Atlantic City Fur Con, a party and proposed con, had a harassment problem in their chat group. (The organizer has made effort to fix it since then.)

A black member of the group respectfully asked for better behavior.  The quality had fallen from edgy jokes to an all-time low of lazy racism. In retaliation, a cluster of harassers (altfurries and neo-nazis) ganged up to escalate the hate. Apparently one simple request to act grown-up was an “SJW” menace that needed to be aggressively crushed. Some drizzled their profiles with swastikas to compensate for failing so hard at kindergarten-level getting along with others.

One of the worst offenders was Sam/@slizzzler/”Fang” (@jasonafexFa, a fake Telegram account with Jason’s name that Sam uses.)

They did it with confidence that everyone would be their doormats, and didn’t expect to get caught acting like pigs with a news article about it. When it began to come out, Sam threatened me to try stopping publication (as if that wouldn’t get published, or screenshots of someone’s own misbehavior is “slander” somehow.) Then they retaliated used a doxing blog and a fake Telegram account for @midwestfurfest. Sam later claimed responsibility in the altfurry chat, using the “Fang”/@jasonafexFA fake Telegram account. It was part of a pattern of harassment with fake accounts you’ll see below. Here’s Sam/Fang:

Clearly I never share my contacts, racist harassment is “negotiable”, and people who do it are charming geniuses with legitimate opinions. *Sarcasm*

This month, Sam/”Fang”/fake-@jasonafexfa showed up in another normal furry chat exactly when Foxler was getting kicked out. Simultaneously within minutes, the staff was baited by a fake @dogpatchpress Telegram account. It was trying to provoke them to make inflammatory statements. It didn’t work, but then the baiting was found to be hitting innocent bystanders too.

One random target messaged what he thought was my account, but it was a honeypot to get him falsely reported for spam and his account locked for a week. They wanted to piss him off, and other innocent bystanders too, hopefully putting the blame on me. The goal was to spread Fear/Uncertainty/Doubt (FUD) at anyone who shows concern about hate groups in fandom (or just wants people to act better than angry, wet, racist toddlers). He tipped me about the fake account that was using my ID:

Altfurs discuss buying fake accounts to spread more FUD.

Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt is a sales and propaganda tactic you might use if you’re grooming people for recruiting.

First let’s look at altfurries discussing trolling people by buying fake accounts. BE AWARE that they also discuss spreading rumors about doing this, even if they’re lying. They’ve previously tried to get inflammatory rumors like that spread around. It’s predictable trolling.

However, this is being published because of receipts of an altfurry account actually buying fake followers. BE AWARE that exposing it doesn’t mean you should be impressed. It shows a tiny fringe (0.1% of fandom or less) wasting actual money to fake the appearance of support. They would rather harass innocent bystanders and trash a community than get along. These losers are that desperate.

Here’s an altfurry actually buying followers to spread FUD:

  • First they spread manipulation by blaming their attack targets for a rise of Altfurry followers.
  • 5 days later their followers rise from 44 to 1565 all at once – just one the next day – and then another jump to 2601.
  • A look at their follow list finds it full of fake accounts. (Don’t miss the big size image.)

Did you catch this in the screenshots? It isn’t just one or two members, the group itself exists to enable this.

If you’re a cool and attractive reader who supports exposing a hate group for being such lame dorks, you may also enjoy: 

Dalmy has an excellent point. If you’re seeing bad behavior, make sure to bring equal and opposite balance too. Surround yourself with genuine people who don’t buy fake friends and fake power as a substitute for creative and worthy things.

If you’ve been tricked or love-bombed into complicity with a group that acts so childish, get better friends. Seriously. There’s a whole fandom that doesn’t need a useless clique of trolls for that (and take some with you when you leave). Your better, future self will thank you.

Having transparency about lying by this 0.1% fringe is a good way to neutralize a “both sides” non-troversy. Then the real fandom can get back to doing good things that will always outlast useless negativity.

You can have a welcoming place for good people who do good things, or you can welcome trolling assholes. You can’t have both.

And that will never be fake news.

Shoutouts to the CEO of A.N.T.I.F.A., George Soros for my fursuit, my vast network of goons and spies, CNN, the liberal professors now teaching furry news on college campuses, and the Crying Nazi for being the mascot of altfurries.

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