Goku’s furban exploration – A visit to Denver with Acai the Wild Dog.

by Patch O'Furr

Creativity in fursuiting gets boosted when you stage it in exciting locations. And for going bonkers with intense photography, street art and abandoned architecture are a class of their own. That’s why I loved the improbable idea of combining both. I put out a call to see if anyone was doing it, and Goku rose to the occasion. He’s been sending more updates, and I love his work so much I’d love to meet him and help some day. There will be more stories from him! (-Patch)

Welcome to guest poster Goku, a furry from the Northeast US, previously seen here:

Good Afternoon Patch,

Below is another installment, this time from Denver back last April. Credit for the photos goes to @WildAcai on Twitter.

This April, I turned 30 years old.  It suddenly hit me that I’m getting older. I lamented on what I did the previous decade, and overall, I was pretty happy about it – it was a period of significant self discovery and risk that had made me a very happy person. I wanted to make sure that the streak continued, and reading one article clinched it- it was about an 89 year old elderly Japanese woman who took unique selfies by the name of Kimiko Nishimoto. I read her story, examined her photos, and realized “she is a wonderful role model”.

I wanted to be the fursuit equivalent of Ms. Nishimoto (while maintaining my own sense of flair), and I got my first opportunity visiting a dear friend in Denver, Wild Acai. Such a wonderful individual, we had a blast exploring such a wide variety of things with Acai being host- great restaurants, hockey games, a good fur community, nature galore… I can go on for a while (and I do intend to come back to Colorado soon to see more of its glory). Acai was no stranger to taking superb photos, and knew the taste I liked, and wanted to take part of the fun. With his knowledge of the city (on top of being tourists) we went to explore two areas.

First was a trip to an alleyway in downtown Denver that was purely dedicated to graffiti artists- I was like a kid in a candy store. In a six block stretch, Acai (wearing Caliente, a new hyena suit) and me wearing Archie the nickelodeon AWD, we began to look at each segment of the alley. It was an urban museum, and we took turns posing against anything and everything that catered to our tastes. Walls, fences, doors, dumpsters, electric meters… nothing was off limits.

At the start of our walk, one of the artists was touching up a mural and saw us walking towards him. The artist was jumping for joy, and immediately got out his iPhone to show his young children who was in the alley while he was painting. Acai and I explained what we were doing, and he was impressed to see someone besides some teenagers appreciating the murals. From this alley, I got some of the most unique shots I can recall- partially thanks to Acai’s keen eye for detail, and to the twisted minds of the people making these displays.

The next day, we went to the Garden of the Gods to experience the nature of the Rockies, and as someone who has never seen America this far west (the farthest west I’ve been before this trip was Iowa, my mind was blown. The formations, the view, getting a mild headache from altitude sickness- all of it was a breathtaking first experience, and even better with such a close friend. We spent several hours overall between hiking in different areas, driving to different sections of the park, and just basking in the glory of nature. Urban grit is what I’m comfortable in, but seeing another definition of beauty that I normally don’t see was such a privilege- I can’t wait until I make another visit in the next year or so.


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