A chat with Meru Tenshi, Filipino furry artist for the new site banner.

by Patch O'Furr

(Patch:) Hi Meru! thanks for the cool art – the site is starting to commission regular new banners and feature the artists. There’s a particular interest in lesser-seen artists from the world outside of American fandom. The last featured artist was Ligoni from Mexico. Want to share your social media links?

(Meru Tenshi:) Hello there. I’m Meru Tenshi, nice to meet you!  Regarding on my social links. I’m very active on my Twitter (@MeruTenshiArt) and Facebook (Meru Tenshi). I have a Furaffinity account (Meru-Tenshi) but it’s pretty outdated. For now, I’m prioritizing other stuff until I can update it.

Can I ask where you live, and a profile about yourself and what you do?

I live in Calamba, Laguna, Philippines, and I’m 22 years old.

I’m a wolf-tiger hybrid (A Wiger,) pronounced as a “Wayger”. About my fursona:
He mostly resembles me in real life being all funny and serious at the same time.
Meru has two brothers.
-Rouka Tenshi is his big brother.
-Koushiro Tenshi is his younger brother.

I started drawing when I was in Grade 2 where I drew Pokemon a lot. In my high school days, I started watching anime and “Bleach” was my favorite anime series. This anime was the reason why I discovered the furry fandom.

My favorite anime character from Bleach was actually a furry creature named “Komamura Sajin” and I was such a big fan of him back in my high school days. Whenever I browsed him on Google, I kept seeing fanart of him as well, being involved with different furry characters from Deviantart and Furaffinity. This made me curious and eventually, when I was 17, I discovered the fandom and become a furry artist!

Do you do furry things in real life, like going to meets and cons, or just online?

In my school days, I had never been to furmeets. I just kept posting my art on FB and my social life mostly ran through online. But last year, I graduated as an IT (Information Technology) graduate and become free. That’s when I started being active with the fandom where I post art and join furmeets more often.

FurryPinas 2019 was my first fur con I got involved and it was very awesome. I met a lot of cool furries and fursuiters who were very kind and nice.

What kind of art do you do, and what’s your favorite thing about making art?

Talking about my art life, I’m a Furry Digital Artist with sort of a Kemono style. And I love drawing furries because I really see them being awesome and badass and it makes me all excited whenever I draw them. I can pretty much draw anything but I mostly draw furries all my life.

My favorite thing about making art is drawing furries involving their stories made by their respective owners. It’s such an honor for me to make a story of an OC, even just a little part of it, bringing their imaginary life to reality through my art.

Also, my motto as an artist is “Art takes time.” I’ve been living with this after I graduated from college. It’s short but wholesome.

I love how this fandom brings people around the world together who might have no other reason to meet. Can I ask, how does it feel to be you, besides just a furry online? What’s going on in your life?

Regarding my current life, my work is making commissions as a furry artist after I lost my job last December. I feel discouraged to be honest, and get stressed about how am I supposed to help my family with our current financial state. We’re not rich to be honest, we’re just living life with hard work, and without it we’ll starve. But the furry community gave me hope and I would like to thank all of my friends, supporters and commissioners for supporting me whenever I’m in a financial crisis, I could cry to be honest hahaha.

As of now, I’m still drawing commissions and about to get a new job soon after I pass my civil examinations in August, hopefully.
And I’m SINGLE XD, just saying wahaha.

My inspiration is my family because I’m a family-centered guy and I love my mom so much for being there for me no matter what, along with my big sister and big brother.

Thanks Meru, and I hope a lot more people check out your art and help you have success with everything.

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