Animal Farm: a furry fetish party at the Citadel in San Francisco, Sept 14.

by Patch O'Furr

Art by Alterkitten (Furaffinity / Twitter)

At Animal Farm, all animals party… but some animals party more than others.

Furries have conventions, bowling meets, and dance parties, but until 2014 there were few or no openly advertised, public-access furry fetish parties in the world. Then San Francisco got Wild Things at The Citadel. The BDSM club wanted to host something different and got me involved. (Apparently I look like a helpful dog who likes helping every species to express themselves and get their kink on, with support and safety about consent. Also, I got to do weird fun promotion like joking about a Human Sized Cat Box and making a cat box cake to share in the lounge.)

Wild Things had 4 parties with lots of praise from its diverse, young, LGBT-friendly goers from ages 18+. Then the organizers let it go into hibernation. Until now. If you want to enjoy this stuff, try it here on a set schedule through 2020, because sex is healthy and fun and furries are cute and cuddly.

Come get it:

  • Not just teasing like other furry parties… all the sex, and nobody will turn the hose on you for being naughty!
  • Get some in the well-equipped dungeon full of gear and toys.  Get a vet exam, or be fun and frolicsome. Prance, pose, participate… or get dragged into the fray by your collar! Try a glory hole, get tied up and spanked, do it with a friend, do it with lots of friends, or do it solo while they watch.
  • Safety supplies provided (house rules discourage going raw dog unless with your SO.) Sorry, no watersports, save it up for after the party.
  • Nervous or shy? Don’t fear, enjoy the lounge where no sex is allowed. Just chill out and talk to new friends, with a kitchen full of snacks.
  • Enjoy a secluded cuddle zone with a fun, plush sexy environment, and dancing on the light-up disco floor with DJ Nightkat. (BLFC, Furcon, Frolic.)
  • There’s lockers for your gear if you will change. (They’re not big enough for your gimp/pet person, but there are kennels.)
  • Got a murrsuit? Bring it, and don’t even try to hide that SPH. Pup gear, leather, and any animal costuming goes, with a headless lounge for safe changing.
  • Not sure about coming? Any way I can convince you? How about a free show? Ask to see my dog bone and I’ll give you an eyeful for a party favor.

Sexy soundtrack by @djnightkat.

Get involved, find friends, and please volunteer.

Volunteers are needed for setup, cleanup, and kitchen. Cashier or DM wanted if you have Citadel training.

Got any demos you’d like to run? How about games or a pet auction? Get in touch. It can have volunteers write down pet tricks they will do, and have a pet show where we spin the bottle to find who chooses, with a winner picked by who gets the most barking. And if you don’t do a trick you can do truth or dare.

I dare you to come to the Animal Farm.

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