Peter Beagle recovers rights to The Last Unicorn and his body of work

by Patch O'Furr

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A long road

In 2014, Peter’s manager was accused of fraud. The criticism led to a public relations and legal battle including me (see comment below story); Peter supported my defense, and followed me in suing the manager in 2015. It was a triangle and we both prevailed.

In 2019 I took dismissal of the manager’s claims against me and a judgement of $32K.

Peter proved he was a victim of fraud, elder abuse, and defamation by the manager. He was awarded $332K in damages.

Peter’s creative rights were still tied up, until his team just sent the news he is entirely free with a message for Peter’s supporters.

Launching the Beagleverse! Please help promote for Peter on social media.

Use hashtags #beagleverse and #peterbeagleverse, and make sure to use correct handles for his accounts:

Peter is at work now after many projects had been put on hold. His new website ( will have hints of things to come, news updates, and a mailing list to get the happenings in your inbox.

Hints about the stakes of the fight.

The press release is from overcoming parts of the story most fans will never know about fighting abuse.

I can hint about something a wise old man told me after the judgements. In The Lord of the Rings, Sauron thought the Ring would always give him power because nobody would truly give it up. An abuser’s promises can be like that: Fame, fortune, fans… world tours, your name in lights! Giving it up breaks the spell.

Kathleen Hunt, Peter’s attorney, helped him because he “suffered from a host of injuries including fraud”; she took on the case pro bono when it became “increasingly clear that Beagle was being abused… Peter wanted his reputation and his life’s work back.”

To Peter’s team, elder abuse is a “far too common and sinister crime. One of Beagle’s future projects will be to advocate and raise awareness about elder abuse.”

Big dreams can happen again, but these ones won’t lose what really matters.

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