Fuzznet Music sounds off on new growth and features for musicians

by Patch O'Furr

For musical furries, Fuzznet is the cat’s meow. It serves musicians like a publisher serves writers, giving them a collective home and ways to be discovered. It was last covered here in October 2020. Finn, the founder, says Fuzznet has been expanding in all directions, so here’s an update with some big and round numbers.

“We reached 600 monthly Listeners, 15k monthly Streams, and 500+ Followers on Spotify alone. We now have over 50 artists under our roof, including people like YaiSor (makes music for Adler The Eagle), TygreCub and Manicknux, and by now have 300+ songs released!

Last month was the first month we were able to reach a huge milestone of paying out profits to artists. We had cooperations with the FurryMusicians page on FA offering spots on our collective to Music Contest winners, signed a huge upcoming partnership with Entail, and supplying them with music for their marketing and branding in the future. We also had a bunch of people reaching out to work with us or request music for their projects.”

Entail is a new furry art service in development and it sounds like they’ll be able to launch with a chunk of content preloaded. Finn adds:

“We also rebranded from Netlabel to “Music Collective” which is the more accurate term for what we are and do. We’re planning to launch a press release “service” (working out the details) designed both for in-house releases and other furry musicians to interview and make articles about their tunes.

We went from just being a new spot to deliver your music to and get it out, to a real factory of music, as well as true spot for growth as an artist. We’re now able to provide mastering, a Splice license (licensed samples and vocals to use for your music), and a huge collaborative and supportive space for all members.”

Support for member creativity is what furries do best. They may not be as known for music as they are for art and costume, but think again — furry music videos are often cited as the first gateways that new fandom members ever see.

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