The fascist fringe of furry fans: the Eastern Orthodox connection.

by Dogpatch Press Staff

Here’s a community access guest post with anonymity to protect sources. New readers will benefit from background in the Altfurry tag, which documents a loose fringe of pests who include terrorists like Portland mass shooter Benjamin Smith. The guest author says: “they’re a nasty bunch… this is a great way to get all this info out. There’s so much information most furries don’t know or have context for. I appreciate that you’re willing to go up against these people.” It’s hosted with opinions belonging to the guest. – Editor 

PART 1 / 2 – Notable names and their ties and tells.

This report is meant to shed light on a particular strain of furry fascist that is far more ideological and militant than Altfurry ever was, with most people involved orbiting Reagan Lodge, a die-hard fascist and furry artist who has been in the fandom for 2 decades but was not exposed until 2020. The common pattern between all of them is an obsession for drawing furries and military imagery, often themed around historical conflicts and authoritarian regimes. (Their obscure ideologies/dogwhistles get a look in the second half.)

Reagan Lodge AKA Sulacoyote

The Kevin Bacon of the twitter far-right. Reagan Lodge, aka Sulacoyote, has been in the furry fandom for years, drawing art of furries in Nazi uniforms or the armor from Jin-Roh (an anime beloved by online Nazis). He somehow got quite the following despite drawing like this; (red labeled by editor.)

These were titled “Aryan Vixen” and “Jewlacoyote“. (Are we really surprised a guy who drew this was a Nazi?)

However, for most of his time in furry and the indie comics scenes, Lodge kept up a veneer of at the most being just a rightwinger, until he was exposed as having been a die-hard race-war Nazi the whole time. He had been a user on Ironmarch (the founding site of Atomwaffen, National Action, and other violent Nazi terrorist groups), who idolized mass murderer Anders Brevik no less. The full information is detailed in his entry on the Iron March Dossiers blog here – it should be worth noting that Lodge was introduced to Ironmarch by another Nazi furry, Kacen, who is covered later;

In response to this, Lodge publicly apologized and claimed to be a reformed man, thanking his conversion to Eastern Orthodox Christianity for “saving” him…

… But really he had just adopted a new uniform, moving to a slightly different group of far-right reactionaries, most of which is organized around the far right/reactionary podcast The Perfume Nationalist. Lodge was a guest on the show – to talk about Don Bluth’s The Secret of NIMH, no less. Jack Mason, the host of Perfume Nationalist, was also a guest on another reactionary podcast along with disgraced musician Ariel Pink (who’d been present at the January 6th insurrection). There’s connections here between Lodge and Perfume Nationalist with Red Scare and a league of other reactionary/”post left” types, as well as the assorted other twitter-dwelling far-rightists such as LogoDaedulus, Pyeerk, Lofirepublican and Zero HP Lovecraft. Reagan Lodge is also a friend of far right artist Doug Tennapel (creator of Earthworm Jim) who has been vocal about his hatred of the LGBT community among other things.

I should note also that Orthodox Christianity has a long history of being associated with anti-semitism and reactionary politics, which is touched on below in the section about Orthodox Converts. The book The Romanian Orthodox Church and the Holocaust by Ion Popa is an important read on the matter if anyone is interested. A lot of Eastern Orthodox followers will claim that they don’t stand for fascism and that “the nazis targeted us” but this is a blatant lie – rather it seems more that in Romania the sympathies were more with local reactionary movements, such as the vicious Iron Guard which is covered in detail below – but also this article notices the increasing surge of far-rightists becoming Orthodox Christians:

Orthodox Iron Guard fascists were so brutal that the Nazis balked at the way they operated – of course the nazis were doing the same or worse, but with a veneer of order and civility. During the pogrom of 1941 the Iron Guard slaughtered and tortured jews with wild abandon and hung their bodies from meat hooks.

Regarding the connection between Lodge, Eastern Orthodox, and Iron March – the members of Iron March openly idolized the fascist Iron Guard. Matthew Heimbach of the “Traditionalist Worker Party” was an Iron March member and official fascist leader involved there with notable terrorists while organizing Unite The Right, the 2017 torchlit fascist rally in Charlottesville. Heimbach is Eastern Orthodox. He was in the American church until he was excommunicated after beating a protester at a hate rally with an Orthodox wooden cross, but he found a new Romanian group. From here, you can see why “converting” to Eastern Orthodox was an appealing move for ex-Iron March members after they got busted.

Reagan Lodge’s “reform” now looks like nothing more than slight rebranding when you do a quick scroll through his subsequent twitter likes. It reveals an assortment of reactionary material – including anti-vaxx sentiments, support of the fascist Trucker Convoy in Ottowa, shilling for cryptocurrency and NFTs, anti-communist sentiment, and likes of other tweets by far right and reactionary accounts – Amanda Millius, Filthy Armenian, Perfume Nationalist, Jack Posobeic.

If you look at the types of people interacting with Lodge as well (who he actively replies to and follows) you will also find lots of reactionary sentiments.

Pyotr Wrangel was an anti-bolshevik imperialist Russian general. This publishing company, Mystery Grove, publishes out-of-print, far-right military works including another by an anti-communist pro-Franco soldier from Spain, and the company account was banned from Twitter.

Lodge’s Facebook is no exception – plenty of far-right sympathies being laid bare for all to see, such as him being proud of the infamous Jordan Peterson sharing his artwork.

The more you dig, the more you’ll find. Lodge doesn’t make his connections deeply obvious from his tweets alone, but if you pay attention to who he interacts with, what he likes, his interests etc, there’s a lot of dogwhistles the average person may overlook. He doesn’t say “the quiet part out loud” so to speak, something he has been doing for a decade – but is very friendly with those who are more brazen about saying it.

Fascism isn’t just swastikas and MAGA hats, a lot of nationalist and reactionary thought is operating under different symbols and flags; for one, Lodge would draw art on his FurAffinity and Tumblr of such obscure fascist and nationalist figures as:

  • Ernst Junger (A more ‘obscure’ German fascist, one of the many far-right conservatives who were part of the forces that snowballed into Nazism)
  • Yukio Mishima (the infamous reactionary Japanese writer, who has became increasingly more beloved in fascist circles online)
  • Baron Ungern von Sternberg (Russian anti-communist, antisemitic leader in the Russian Civil War, a religious warlord who was famed for his brutality)
  • Marcus Garvey (anti-socialist black nationalist who collaborated with the Ku Klux Klan no less – he is idolized by fascists for his ‘Africa for the Africans’ idea to take all African-Americans away to another country, more or less turning the USA fully white)
  • And even art of the ‘Remove Kebab’ soldier celebrating the Bosnian genocide.

Some of Lodge’s fanart, left to right: Ernst Junger, Yukio Mishima, Baron Ungern von Sternberg / (Our red label)

UPDATE – new year, same shit:

Jean-Luc Sabourin AKA Whaleoilfurry, WhaleOil1/WhaleOil2, Cettus4, NSFWmeezer

WhaleOil is a Canadian furry artist who draws a lot of military artwork that resembles the videogame concept artist Viktor Antonov’s work. He is friendly with/active in Reagan Lodge’s circle – noticeably, he linked up with Lodge AFTER the latter’s exposure as a Nazi. Like Lodge, Sabourin attempts to hide his fascist sympathies as more ‘neutral’ but he was a bit sloppier about it… actually, much sloppier. For one, he’s posted openly in the past about admiring the Nazis on his still abandoned Curiouscat – (with two-facedness to call broad groups “swine” while claiming to be for “the people”… which color?)

“World building” from WhaleOil

Some of this was discussed on twitter previously, here in this thread. More with samples of his work is easy to search.

There’s WhaleOil and a friend drawn in the style of Boogaloo Boys in a Hawaiian shirt. It should be noted that Hawaiian/tiki aesthetics were also seen at Charlottesville. Revival of the tiki aesthetic was popularized in the 90’s by nazi musician and “rape advocate” Boyd Rice, which connects it to far right movements in the present day.

Hawaiian shirts and tiki aesthetic is usually innocuous by itself; but when mingled with militarism and other dogwhistles, it points to far-right sympathies.

There was fallout between him and another military history furry, whose name we’ll skip to focus on the main stuff. They went on record saying that WhaleOil isn’t just interested in history or being ironic about reactionary thinking. These tweets have since been deleted.

Above is WhaleOil’s Youtube channel in his real name, showing subscriptions to Pewdiepie and a fascist parody he uploaded of a Gilette Ad about masculinity, making it feature Oswald Mosley, leader of the British Union of Fascists.

Sabourin’s current new obsession, with all that talk of ‘productivity’, seems to be Henry Ford – presumably because Ford was a raging anti-semite, who distributed fascist tracts such as The International Jew, and was a die-hard admirer of Hitler whose company even assisted the Nazis in WWII, as well as giving military support to Francisco Franco in the Spanish Civil War in the form of tanks.

Sabourin’s history in furry as a community is much shorter than Lodge’s, but his fascism obsession runs deep judging by his youtube – with even his older tumblr account, ‘thatotherwhaleoil’ (now since deleted) having art of foxes dressed as fascist blackshirts. And, well, there’s this ‘delightful’ art he did turning the Christchurch shooter into a furry. (He’s not the first fascist to do that.)

Link to callout post (Our red label)

Marko Milankhov (?) AKA Mawkvlt, Askymzbuki, Eastern Crow

This Sabourin/Lodge orbiter was exposed in the Iron March leaks under the name “Eastern Crow”. He’s an Eastern Orthodox convert living in Serbia, has went through several usernames and previous accounts (previous ones including ‘SinningCrow’ which are now deleted), and is very, very eager to publicly harass and threaten to dox people – his technique of ‘doxxing’ people is to send them money on Paypal under fake names. It should be worth noting that the anti-fascists who run the Ironmarch leaks/dossiers blog, know his real name which admittedly could be possibly misremembered here.

What distinguished Marko a bit from Sabourin and Lodge is that he never stops posting – this guy’s account is a stream of right-wing messaging – Marko seems to be a bit of a rising star in the ‘military history’ furry art scene, judging by all the commissions he has done that resemble Lodge’s artstyle. His constant account hopping could be evasion of being monitored. You could perhaps contact the people behind the Ironmarch Dossiers blog for more confirmation.

UPDATE – Before being caught on Iron March, Marko was one of the “altfurries” who gained notice in 2017 for trying to mingle fandom with the violent alt-right who waved torches in Charlottesville that year. The following screens come from the Xanadu Back Room chat leak of October 2018. The member is known to be Marko due to name, Serbian nationality, use of crow symbolism and advertisement for his art as “Eastern Crow”.

Small inset shows crow and Totenkopf

Advertising art service inside a private fascist group

Referencing fellow fascist “Legofreak” (see bottom)

Serbian nationality

Other orbiters of note:

This section is improved with trimming lesser details to honor the wonderful feedback of all our caring readers, and although it may not be the ideal response, to spare anyone who had changed or been misjudged. We’ll briefly mention some art and backgrounds that were seen.

Country demographics of the Lodge/Sabourin scene made an interesting, although anecdotal note; Eastern Europe was as common as Central/South America. Although the region is home to many allies, like other places, it had reactionary politics in its history:

Besides personal origins, there was art that mingled Italian Futurist artwork (historically connected with fascism), Soviet uniforms, and Italian ‘Arditi’ uniforms – the Arditi were the precursor to Mussolini’s Blackshirts, in the same way the WWI German ‘stormtroopers’ were precursors to the far-right Freikorps militias, whose members also joined the Nazis’s ‘stormtrooper’ Brownshirts. We noticed art of furries in the uniforms of the Hlinka Guard, the Slovakian collaborationist movement that sided with the Nazis and took part in the Holocaust (see the section at the bottom on ‘tradcaths’). Mingled or incoherent symbolism may marry fascist imagery with historic ‘workers’ imagery. The more it harmonizes with other dogwhistles, the more it can be a tell of Nazbol ideology (covered below.)

There is one notable fascist furry that seems to have no real presence publicly…

Casen aka Ironmarch’s Kacen

The big one – Ironmarch’s token furry admin, and the odd one out of its admins in that he has not either been publicly exposed such as Alisher Mukhitdinov (aka Alexander Slavros, now in hiding) – or Benjamin Kyle Raymond (former leader of National Action, now imprisoned).

Kacen apparently got involved in this motley crew on Deviantart in the late 2000s, and helped run the first iteration of Ironmarch for them, the ‘International Third Positionist Federation’ – that itself grew out of their Deviantart Nazi scene (that had the likes of infamous serial killer fan/artist Torture-device, who may also have been an Ironmarch admin too).

It seems that Kacen was friends with Reagan Lodge from the very start, and had invited him to Ironmarch. By chance, Kacen’s current identity, Casen (extremely subtle), was found by art of his sona on furaffinity. This was instantly recognizable – it is the exact same fursona that Kacen had during the peak of his fascist activities, which he tried to spread to Second Life no less.

Thanks in part to both Furaffinity and the preserved Onion archive of Kacen, we can confirm that one of the founders of an actual terrorist group, is still present in the furry community to this day, with other fascists in the fandom ready to pass his torch.

PART (2) – Lowdown on the obscure reactionary ideologies/dogwhistles

What separates the Lodge/Sabourin axis from Altfurry is that, due to being more ideological than Altfurry was, they also know a bit better how to claim plausible deniability. Whilst being diehard fascists, unlike Altfurry they tend to be a bit shy from openly saying racial slurs or cheering for genocide… most of the time, anyway. This means that usually, the members of the Lodge/Sabourin scene will draw on the imagery of relatively more obscure fascist movements (as seen above; Italian Fascists, Hlinka Guard, etc). Beyond this are also an array of more obscure ideologies and practices very common among the Lodge/Sabourin scene, and indeed a good chunk of the twitter-dwelling far-right (ie Perfume Nationalist orbiters). This section is lengthy, so apologies in advance.

‘National Bolsheviks’ aka Nazbols

This apparently contradictory ideology is espoused by many in particularly Whaleoil’s circle, and whilst having been deeply obscure for decades, surprisingly has been there from fascism’s beginning but was resurrected by Russian nationalists in the 90s, then by Ironmarch (which, natch, had been set up by a Russian fascist, Alexander Slavros, who had worked with these ones, and apparently had quite the love for Stalin as a leader)

This tendency started in both German nationalist circles, and the Russian nationalist emigre that had left the country after the Russian Civil War (one of these Russians, Nikolay Ustralyov, having been idolized on Ironmarch) but its greatest claim to fame before the 90s was that it was more or less the ideology of Ernst Rohm and the Strasser brothers, who were purged out of the Nazi Party in the Night of the Long Knives (Otto Strasser, the surviving Strasser, would attempt to restart his Nazi Party offshoot, ‘the Black Front’, after the war). ‘National Bolshevism’ did not get any real traction again until the 90s in Russia when the National Bolshevik Party was set up, and currently exists in the USA in the form of Ironmarch user and Orthodox convert (see below about the Orthodox convert/fascism connection) Mathew Heimbach’s Traditionalist Worker Party – the flags are really subtle about what sort of ideologies this is intending to marry.

Otto Strasser (the surviving Strasser brother) after the war

Russian National Bolshevik demonstration

Mathew Heimbach

Whilst seeming like a ridiculous contradiction of an ideology thanks to fascism’s historically fierce ‘anti-Bolshevism’, it actually makes a certain kind of sense – to the sort of brain poisoned nerds that would be trying to spread fascism in the furry fandom of all places anyway. ‘Nazbols’ idolize in particular the Soviet Union, especially under the Stalinist era, as well as similarly militarized communist states such as China at the height of Maoism, or North Korea. (There are even those who endorse Pol Pot – these tend to overlap more with the Unabomber fans, see below).

The appeal these regimes have to military obsessed, culturally reactionary nerds is obvious – under Stalin the USSR was fiercely militaristic, a police state, and culturally reactionary and oppressive (homosexuality being classed as ‘bourgeois’ and warranting imprisonment). Between that, the imagery of Red Army parades, and all the kitschy ‘socialist realism’ artwork of the era, it’s no wonder it would seem appealing to people who idolize the fascist regimes for identical reasons – especially if they despise what the current Left is, which is being all about cultural criticism, aversion to the police/military and open sexuality/gender expression.

Whaleoil was a blatant Nazbol in this scene, at one point following ‘Boulderlob’, a Nazbol ‘parody’ of infamous rightwing cartoonist Stonetoss (all it actually adds in is praising North Korea, which says a bit about the ideology’s supposedly radical qualities).

This is probably confusing to the sort of self-described ‘tankies’ online who think Stalin was ‘a smol woke bae’ but to anyone else it is blatant. Nazbols online rarely use the actual National Bolshevik flag – it’s too obvious a tell – but they tend to use other bastardizations of historic ‘workers’ imagery, such as hammers, sickles, and other traditional anarchist/communist imagery (Red Army soldiers, pastiches of ‘socialist realism’ art, the IWW logo) which sometimes makes them hard to spot. The more subtle (or so they think) Nazbols will sometimes even refer to themselves as ‘leftists’ or ‘communists’, as their ideology states that they are the ‘true’ leftists. (This is, again, possibly what they see in the Stalin-era USSR that would have people killed for any ideological infraction – particularly related to ‘bourgeois’ ‘degenerate’ sexuality). This is nothing new when some ‘post-left’ orbiting Perfume Nationalist is touting that same line. Usually the biggest tell of whether someone is a Nazbol or not is when they draw fascist soldiers alongside ‘communist’ ones or pally with outright fash. Language of ‘real workers’ whilst being scathing of LGBT or other social issues, is a big tell of both ‘Nazbols’ and ‘post-left’ reactionaries.

Matthew Heimbach with his white supremacist group and Romanian Iron Guard flag

Orthodox Christian converts 

Perhaps the most unhinged new development in the far-right scene, which considering the types that already infest it is saying something. Whilst appearing to be an entirely new development, Orthodox Christianity and fascism have a surprisingly long, and vicious connection together, that culminated in the Holocaust in several countries. The most fierce of the various Orthodox fascist movements was Romania’s Iron Guard aka the Legion of the Archangel Michael – so religious was this particular movement that its leader, Corneliu Codreanu, insisted that he had been visited by the actual angel Michael. The Iron Guard was infamous for its brutality compared to even other fascist movements, with bizarre rituals involving blood drinking, and briefly ruled Romania under the ‘National Legionary State’ before it was ousted in an inter-political spat, with the Legion committing the vicious Bucharest pogrom in response – they would even skin their victims alive and hang them from meat hooks, something that even repelled the Nazis. When the Iron Guard was ousted, its former collaborator Ion Antonescu would rule the country under a military junta, and was Hitler’s most fervent ally – and a fierce anti-semite who did not need any backing to deport Jews and other ethnic minorities to extermination camps under his reign.

Romania was not the only Orthodox Christian fascist regime – Greece was briefly ruled under the fascist junta of Ioannis Metaxas’s ‘4th of August regime’, before it was then invaded by the Nazis and replaced with a puppet regime, the Hellenic State, whose vicious ‘Security Battalions’ performed brutal executions on communist partisans and rounded up Jews to send to death camps as well. Some of these former Hellenic State collaborators (given a slap on the wrist by the West in order to help them fight communist militants after the war) would then form the US-backed ‘Regime of the Colonels’ in the 1960s, and both the Metaxas and Colonels regimes are idolized by Golden Dawn, Greece’s vicious neo-Nazi movement. All of these regimes/movements professed Orthodox Christianity, citing it as their bulwark against godless communism, and the Greek Orthodox Church firmly supported both the Metaxas and Colonels governments, as it did Golden Dawn as well.

How do a couple of backwards fascist regimes in 1930s-40s Romania and 1930s-40s/1960s Greece connect to modern American fascists? Again, the answer is Ironmarch. Codreanu, Antonescu and Golden Dawn were idolized by Ironmarch’s founders and members, with Codreanu’s blathering tracts such as ‘For My Legionaires’ being shared to its users (the site even briefly had a ‘Fascist Internet Archive’ in a bad imitation of the Marxist Internet Archive – unsurprisingly it was tiny compared to the latter, as fascist ideology is historically not ‘intellectual’ or thoughtful if it can rely on obedience and violence) – and noticeably, both Reagan Lodge and Mathew Heimbach had been users on it, and ergo converted to Orthodox Christianity soon after, as did other Ironmarch veterans such as EasternCrow.

There are more relevant connections as to why Orthodox fascism spreads easily, if not for how much Eastern European fascists of all stripes flourished on both Ironmarch (with several Russian and Serbian users), and on 4chan, whose various ‘international’ boards, the places were some of the most insufferable internet memes came from, most of them started from rabid Balkan nationalists. (See: the infamous ‘Serbia Strong/Remove Kebab’ meme, making light of the Bosnian genocide which was committed by Orthodox, Serbian nationalists.) There is also the fact of how the Pope in recent years has began giving more liberal gestures, making him less appealing to whatever Catholic fascists are about… which brings us to;

Catholic converts aka ‘Tradcaths’

Again, a relatively new online development with a very long real-world history – Catholicism and reactionary movements have been hand in hand for nearly 2 centuries, so it is no wonder that modern fascists would get the hint, especially when two of the most ‘successful’ fascist regimes in history – Antonio Salazar’s Portugal, and Francisco Franco’s Spain – were indeed ‘traditional Catholic’ clerical fascist states. (Never mind also, that Fascist Italy also worked hand in hand with the Catholic church), as well as the Austrian ‘Fatherland Front’ regime of Engelbert Dolfuss (who nominally opposed Nazism only due to Germany’s nationalist ideals to take over Austria – the two regimes were more or less identical otherwise, with Austria even having its own SS style militia, the Sturm Korps). Despite Ironmarch being full of the sort of godawful nerds who would make distinctions about ‘true fascism’ or not, it had several staunch Catholic users. There were several more outright vicious Catholic movements that, of course, collaborated with the Nazis and took part in the Holocaust – a lot of these having had fanart drawn of them by Whaleoil’s scene.

The three most notable of the Catholic fascist collaborator movements were Jozef Tiso’s Hlinka Guard in Slovakia, Ante Pavelic’s Ustase in Croatia, and Leon Degrelle’s Rexists in Belgium – all three were ardent collaborators with the Nazis (Tiso and Degrelle even sent troops to fight with the Germans against the Soviets). All three took part in the Holocaust (the Ustase being the most vicious of all, perhaps the Catholic equivalent to the Iron Guard, as they would not use bullets or gas chambers, but instead burn people alive and slit victims throats with a wrist-mounted knife). And all three were fervently Catholic. This distinction may sound like pointless fluff, but I feel it’s important as several of the ‘Orthodox’ and ‘tradcath’ types try to pretend their ideologies were either not fascist, or opposed to Hitler. (This ties in with untruth spread by Christian revisionists that the Nazis were ‘anti-Christian’ – when the truth was, the Nazis actually wanted to heal the Protestant-Catholic divide in Germany with a new ‘Positive Christianity’, hence why Nazi Germany never became fully ‘clerical fascist’ like Portugal, Spain, Austria, the collaborator regimes, or even Italy).

Religious fascism of the Christian sort already has a long-standing history in the USA as is, what with the existence of Father Coughlin in the 1930s. Coughlin was perhaps the precedent to Alex Jones and the most militant fascist the USA ever had – and that’s not even getting into the USA’s huge contingent of Evangelicals either. It is only the Orthodox converts that are the new guys on the block, but them and their Catholic cousins are far more easy to spot than Nazbols – profiles with the Vatican flag or the Orthodox cross in their usernames are always a dead giveaway, especially if the profile then has scripture quotes or some sort of religious artwork for a banner (coupled with a furry or anime avatar half the time). The scene around Lodge/Sulacoyote and Sabourin/Whaleoil is infested with other Orthodox and Catholic converts who often draw art of the collaborator regimes, with even Whaleoil having drawn artwork of furries dressed as Orthodox priests. (It possibly ties in with his undying obsession for the fictional religious orders in Looking Glass Studio’s Thief games, which he has drawn tons of fanart of and even cosplayed as.)

‘Primitivists’ aka Unabomber fans

These are perhaps the most bizarre and incoherent of the lot, somewhere between Nazbols and Orthodox converts on the insanity scale. It is, again, not very surprising if you know how the more ‘esoteric’ fascists operate – obsession with themes of nature and ‘folk’ have been a mainstay of fascist bullshit since the start, from the Nazis drawing on ‘Volkische’ nonsense, to the aesthetics of bands such as Death in June and Current 93, to even infamous Nazi black metal musician Varg Vikernes now becoming a massive Tolkien nerd (Tolkien himself wrote articles supporting Franco and his Nationalists in the Spanish Civil War).

This form of bizarre ‘back to the land’ fascism’s ideological pinnacle comes in the form of two ‘primitivist’ ideologues – Ted Kaczynski aka the ‘Unabomber’, and the more obscure Pentti Linkola, a sort of Finnish equivalent to Kaczynski (minus the terrorism part) whose great idea to solve the climate crisis was more or less mass genocide and eugenics. Kaczynski in general is especially appealing to fascists – despite all the claims that his ideology was ‘hard to pin down’, he was basically a rightwinger who snapped, and his manifesto is full of pithy snipes against the gay liberation movement and feminism. These sort of ‘ecological’ fascists are rare to come by, but usually can be easily spotted by directly referencing Kaczynski or Linkola’s names, quotations from either’s manifestos, general ‘back to the land’ yap, or using that one police sketch of the Unabomber as an icon.

These types will typically tend to be aligned with other ‘folk’ minded fascists usually obsessing over Norse runes and whatever (always easy to spot) unless they happen to be Orthodox/Catholic converts, sharing memes about Death in June and other neofolk bands, or sharing images and ‘funny’ posts relating to Varg Vikernes since he became a Gandalf cosplayer. They will typically have little tree icons in their profiles, usually wedged next to the lightning bolts, Vatican flags or Orthodox crosses. Sometimes these types will have overlap with the Nazbols, the focal point being Pol Pot especially due to his slaughter of ‘intellectuals’ – and occasionally, other more incoherent ideologies not particularly loved by typical far-rightists, such as Islamism or Gaddafi’s Green Book.

You will also see references to pine trees from the ecofascist / primmie subset, some describing themselves as followers of “Deep Ecology” (in connection to Linkola). Pine tree flags were spotted at the January 6th insurrection and pine tree emojis can be found in the profiles of online reactionaries.

Thanks to the guest author for this huge report! We needed this when even the obscure references have been seen on the fringe by the editor.

UPDATE – Editor’s note

It’s nice to host guest writers. Often, if something reads as thoughtful and linked to lots of supporting material, it goes out as the writers intend. But then there is the value of “less is more”, and when the writers don’t make people happy, people do comments like this:

(Person briefly mentioned in the story): Basically, what they’re writing on is true, and a pretty fucking annoying problem. As an artist who draws millitary stuff and happens to be in the millitary, I attract these people like flies. There’s literally too many of them to do anything about. I have examples time and time again of them commenting cringey shit on my art. Personally I try to stay as far away from the political sphere while not being a huge pushover or enabler, because I really don’t know that much. I’m essentially a bluecollar worker that happens to draw stuff that either turns me on or I think is cool. The issue here and that since I don’t always blatantly announce where I am politically (for reasons mentioned above) people like to fill in the blanks with whatever they want me to be. And I really have no idea who Lodge is. The last gripe I have is how much weight the authors seemed to put on who someone follows or has following them. To a lot of us, Twitter is literally just to post furry porn and pictures of cars, and I have a habit of following back randomly. I have way more important things in my life than screening every single one of my followers or the people I follow, nor am I responsible for the weird shit some talented artist did in their past. That’s between them and the offended party.

Anyways, I constantly read people saying, we should have a better news site! Why doesn’t someone make a better news site!

YEAH, I’VE BEEN SAYING THAT FOR YEARS! I’ll be a big reader when you start it. Meanwhile, things are better and better here all the time. That’s why the several writers were asked to update.

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