Cassidy Civet was the furry On Canada’s Got Talent

by Patch O'Furr

A singing furry was on a TV reality show! First the story, then some questions…

The Got Talent franchise started with America’s Got Talent in 2006, which spun off over 69 versions in other countries. Nice. Canada’s Got Talent first aired in 2012. It only just came back with a 2nd season for 2022 featuring Cassidy Civet, the first furry in any of the franchises. The show format has been used for more than singing, including dance, comedy, acrobats, novelty acts, and animal acts. Now I’m confused about Cassidy’s category… let’s just call her awesome.

You can browse some of Cassidy’s talents below, and look out for her upcoming video about appearing on Eurovision.

Here’s the video, and then Cassidy tells more.

(Dogpatch Press): Tell me about yourself and why you love furries!

Well hi! I’m Cassidy Civet, and I am a furry! I love the furry fandom for bringing together so many interests and talented people who just don’t fit in other niches. Nothing wrong with that, we made our own space. I think the imagination of the fandom is boundless and I’m happy to add my own to the scene with my music. ^^

How did it feel to be nominated for an award (the Ursa Major)?

Of course it’s flattering just to be nominated, but since then I’ve won the 2021 Good Furry Award, which I am even more proud of!

What have you been up to during the pandemic?

You mean the still 2 year ongoing pandemic? Well I auditioned for Canada’s Got Talent, flew to Europe to audition for Eurovision, and did 16 cons since August 2021 🙂

Tell me how you got into music.

Growing up my dad was a DJ, but not like the furry rave kind, more like school dances and weddings. So my music brain comes from knowing basically all the hits for every generation, exposure to so much music through the hit singles of every given era and culture, that’s how I got into music!

Do you have any thoughts about creating, like how can other people turn their experiences into interesting stories or creations?

Just maintaining oneself and not being discouraged or brought down is hard enough. The biggest thing you can do to be creative is to trust yourself. If you have something you believe in, you need to be prepared to toil those long uncomfortable spans of time where stuff might be working, but eventually it will, so stick with it and you’ll figure out your path eventually.

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