Furries return to the 2022 San Francisco Pride parade

by Patch O'Furr

Coming Sunday June 26, 2022

The SF Bay Area has the world’s most dense population of furries, but back in 2012, SF Pride didn’t have activities for the love of anthropomorphic animals. They had a parade contingent in 2002-2005, but it needed help to start again. (See a 2002 video or the Pride tag for more history.) 

Whose job is it to make it happen? Everyone’s. In 2012-2019 I was one of the organizers for award-winning floats in the parade, with hundreds of supporters and members. In 2019 (the second year to get an award) we won “Absolutely Outrageous” out of more than 200 parade contingents. The parade was interrupted by the Covid-19 pandemic, but finally, it’s here again.

The Nor Cal Furries are going this weekend with a new trailer, built by @Zoren and @MrDisk0Dog and funded by community donations and volunteers to give everyone an experience to remember. (Funds still accepted, anything extra will pay forward.) Here’s how great it was in 2019:


For Sunday, June 26 the parade is on Market Street from Embarcadero to the Celebration area at Civic Center. General info is at SFpride.org. Spectators will be watching on Market Street from 10:30 a.m. until late afternoon. ABC7 will be broadcasting the parade to watch from home.

TRAVEL TO ASSEMBLY: See this map for the parade route.

  • By car: No cars or dropoff at the assembly. Try the parking garage on 833 Mission St (middle of parade route, 15 minutes walk from each end) or 33 Mission St (near parade end at 8th and Mission.) Or park farther away and take rideshare as close as it gets. Beware of traffic for a huge event, earlier is better.
  • BART riders, go to Embarcadero. The south central exit is closest to the assembly.
  • Officially we are signed up as Bay Area Furries, in assembly location #124.

ASSEMBLE NO LATER THAN 12 PM: East side of Main Between Mission and Howard. (At the Rainbow paw on the map, near 111 Main.)

  • Arrive to assembly by NOON. Allow time for costume change. (Float setup starts as early as 9 AM so we will be there).
  • As with prior years, there could be hours to wait before Step-off. If you bring cooling packs to survive in fursuit they may not last.
  • Be patient, bring snacks, but don’t be late or delay others. If there’s a signal to go, anyone who isn’t ready will be left behind!
  • The trailer may fit 30 people and those with mobility issues have priority.
  • If you walk, it’s a hot, high energy event. Water will be available but hydrate yourself too.
  • At end of the parade near 8th and Mission, be ready for the float to sweep people and gear off and leave right away.
  • From the dropoff, walk or consider pooling together for self-serve transport.

FURSUITER BASICS — No hard bins. No lounge.

  • SOFT FOLDING BAGS ONLY. 100 people have to share the back of 1 car for storage. Minimize gear for a moving event.
  • Don’t need change space? Change at your car before coming, or change on the street. We do it every year.
  • Want change space? Start and end at Relay’s.

DINNER, and OPTIONAL BEFORE/AFTER FURSUIT CHANGING — Dinner is at 6:00 pm at Relay’s Den. Address by request.

  • Notify @RelayRaccoon if you will come. Remember, street parking will be scarce.
  • 8:00 am: Relay’s Den will open for fursuit changing. A continental breakfast will be provided (coffee, juice, bagels, bananas, etc.).
  • 11:00 am: Relay’s Den will close and we will head to the assembly. Make your own arrangements to get to the assembly. Try MUNI (Church & 16th station is 2 blocks away; Church & Market station is 4 blocks away), BART (16th & Mission station is 4 blocks away) or LYFT/UBER.
  • 4:00-5:00pm: After the parade, return promptly to change out of suit. Here’s a map with transit options to get there from the parade dropoff.
  • 6:00pm: Dinner is 21+ and here’s the menu.
  • To spend the night on Saturday, there’s limited crash space with priority for those from outside the bay area. (Ask @RelayRaccoon).


  • Big crowds always have potential risk… read this safety page!
  • Parade attire: Members have family who want to watch on TV from home. If your costume may make TV cameras skip the group, please contact an organizer for case-by-case arrangements.
  • The float won’t stop. It’s a mile and about an hour to march. Keep up the pace, avoid the wheels, and listen to the monitors.
  • Contingent Monitors are VERY IMPORTANT to march. Please follow them and be on the job if you are one.
  • Marchers, watch where the float is. Try not to bunch up, leave gaps or get too far away. The front-facing banner is where the crowds first see us, but going up to the street side barriers is good too. Use the whole street between the float and crowds on BOTH sides. Dance, pose, give hugs and high fives. Look for TV cameras after Fremont Street, a few blocks from the start.
  • No glass bottles, no hard bins, and afterwards there’s an 18” x 18” size restriction on bags if you enter the festival at Civic Center.
  • Please volunteer to share photos/videos! #Norcalfurries is the hashtag for social media. #Furrypride works too.


  • Organizers will be hard-pressed, so please contact only for emergencies after using the net, the group and other members.
  • General organizing: @Zorenmanray and @Patchmutt. Car, float, storage issues: @Mr_Disk0.

SEE YOU THERE! Art for banners by Kado Husky.

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