Papa Bear: Indie furry movie nears funding deadline

by Patch O'Furr

If you like making friends laugh and/or wasting company time, and have been on the net for 10-15 years, then you probably know The OnionCollegeHumor, Funny or Die – and Cracked. At one point it was the world’s most visited comedy site.

Papa Bear is a movie in development from heads of the Cracked video department at its peak. It’s about a furry in the family, and its climax will be filmed at a furry convention. Papa Bear promises to be dramatic, funny, daring, boldly LGBT-positive, and full of heart.

There’s a crowdfunding campaign for Papa Bear that ends in a few days, on June 16 – don’t wait to check it out! 

When I first heard about it, I was skeptical because I’ve seen many attempted indie movies with furries. Some past ones seem bad in a good way, like no-budget slasher-horror flicks or party-worthy science fiction fanservice. One had an A-list actor in a fursuit. One reached arthouse greatness. Many of them are DOA because of superficial writing and weak production values. Lack of inside knowledge always shows. Here’s a test… do the costumes look like post-Halloween discount junk? Or are they cool hand-crafted fandom fursuits? That implies effort to get community support.

Co-director and writer Michael Swaim reassured me that Papa Bear comes from real experience and consulting community members.

Then I read the script and loved it. It dives into furriness without wasting time on setup, but familiarizes it with awkward comedy anyone can relate to. It doesn’t fall into lame campiness, and the characters have personalities. Tense subplots come up right away. The tension comes from being put on the spot about private life, and inside views of “content warning” topics. There’s pleasing aesthetic touches, like calling for music by nervous rock bands of nerd canon (XTC, Talking Heads) and animated montages. It’s full of inside lore in a way that fits the story and makes sense even if you weren’t familiar with it.

The crowdfund incentives start with a private link to watch the movie as soon as it’s ready. That would be an amazing opportunity for a fur meet! Papa Bear would also make strong convention programming.

At time of writing, Papa Bear has over $61,000 pledged. Waiting to see it completed is almost unbearable.

UPDATE: funding reached.

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