The 2023 Ursa Major Awards and Good Furry Award feature the best of furry fandom

by Patch O'Furr

Check out the winners in 14 categories for the 2023 Ursa Major Awards. The awards feature the furry fandom’s favorite media and other anthropomorphic animal creations they love, with popular voting by anybody. This year there were 1350 voters, with their vote count broken down here.

  • Dogpatch Press was voted Best Magazine. Thank you to everyone who votes, and the volunteer team who manages the voting process and sends physical awards. I’ll post a photo when it arrives.
  • The best novel stood out as unlike other furry fantasy and romance nominees; it’s a young adult novel by an author of other non-furry writing with crossover appeal that isn’t locked to the furry scene. Watch for an upcoming article with the author.
  • The best fursuit category had no award due to low participation, but there’s already eligible fursuits listed for the next awards.

See the current Recommended Anthropomorphics List — it is maintained year-round — you can discover and submit this year’s works eligible for the next awards now if you have something to share. This helps make community, discovery for new creations, and opportunity with campaigning. A nominee can win by simply mentioning it, because few do. Consider donating to support this service via

2023 Good Furry Award winners announced. Grubbs Grizzly of Ask Papabear and Uncle Bear Publishing introduced the award in 2019 for fandom members who do outstanding things for the community. The award comes with a trophy and $500 check. Past winners were Tony “Dogbomb” Barrett, Ash Coyote, Cassidy Civet, and Soatok Dhole. Who among 30 outstanding furry nominees won this year?

  • Kite’s Windswept Wanderings. A maker of Youtube videos with furry costuming and gatherings that bring positive light to the community. And…
  • A Lifetime Achievement Award for Reed Waller. He founded the furry comic APA Vootie in 1976, and collaborated with his wife Kate Wooley to create the influential early furry comic Omaha the Cat Dancer.

NEWS: Next year’s Good Furry Award is changing to 3 categories for raising positive image, volunteer and charity work, and general contributions or achievement, broadening the recognition past honorable mentions.

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