LAST DAY to nominate for the Ursa Major Awards; Nominations open for the Good Furry Award.

by Patch O'Furr

Ursa art by Foxenawolf.

For over two decades, the Ursa Major Awards have recognized the furry fandom’s favorite creations every year. For the 2023 awards, anything with anthropomorphic animals is eligible to win by popular vote. Want your favorite works represented?

Go HERE to nominate, and don’t wait, the deadline is today (February 17)! 

There are fifteen categories (your input is only needed for ones you want to include): Best Motion Picture, Dramatic Short Work and Series, Novel, Short Fiction, Comic, Magazine, Illustration, Game, Website, Fursuit, Music, and more.

You can reference the Ursa website’s 2023 Recommended Anthropomorphics List, but that’s not all. The list only has what some fans submitted. There’s much more furry stuff in the world, and anything you can possibly think of inside or outside the fandom can be nominated if it was made in 2023. After nominations close, voting will be open from March 1 to March 31.

The awards are run by volunteers of the ALAA. Please consider donating to support their service via


6th Annual Good Furry Awards open for nominations.

Starting in 2019, the Good Furry Award has been recognizing fan-nominated furries for outstanding community spirit. Nominations are now open for whoever you feel deserves recognition.

Nominate HERE via the updated page.

This year there’s a difference, and instead of just one award, there will now be 3:

  • The Image Award is for furries who give the fandom a positive image through videos, podcasts, vlogs, documentaries, websites, and other social media.
  • The Good Egg Award is for furries who do good deeds for individuals, animals, organizations, or the community.
  • The Furtastic Award is for furries who are excellent at other things not easily categorized as the above two and so is a catch-all for general pawsomeness.

Nominations will be open through September 1, 2024. (The timeframe is a little different this year, too.) There will be another Lifetime Achievement Award (3rd year running). Because there are now several awards, payment is phased out and winners will get a very handsome trophy and lots of furry love, as promised by founder Papabear Grubbs Grizzly of Uncle Bear Publishing.

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