Amazing BLFC report, Hug Permits, furries in national art shows. Newsdump (5/21/15)

by Patch O'Furr

Headlines, links and little stories to make your tail wag.  Tips are always welcome. 


Mainstream sightings and fandom news


VICE parties hard at Fur-eh!

The article gets super friendly, and stays refreshingly non-judgemental.  It can be hard to broadly cover an event with immersion in a tight circle of friends, so it’s only a small slice of the experience.  Not all furries are way into parties.  Some feel like it ruins think-heavy sci-fi focus.  However, sci-fi cons with no parties are a world I don’t want to live in. You can make a furry con anything you want it to be.  When they do party, nobody does it better!

Impressions from Biggest Little Fur Con.

I confess to partying too hard to cover this with it’s own article. (Thanks Vox for a great vid!)

  • It’s really amusing to see someone get covered head to toe in shaving cream.  (It takes about 4 cans.)
  • Favorite shirt I saw: “I’M FAT – LET’S PARTY”
  • Thank-you’s for blogging? You might as well thank me for eating! Someone joked that it must take drugs to pound these out.  Nope.  Fursuiting is my drug.
  • Attendance of 2400+ makes BLFC the 6th largest con. (AKA “Biggest Medium Fur Con.”)  That’s impressive to build in 3 years. The subculture is rising!
  • With the future Dystopia theme, a lot of fan interaction means they succeeded. Many said it was the best use of a theme they had ever seen.  High praise.
  • More interaction I loved were the unofficial “Hug Permit” officers.  They were funny, engaging… and helpful with secret wing-man encouragement. (See “code 90944?”)  Come on… with 2400 adults together for a once a year celebration, how could that NOT happen? No judging. Further proof that “Hugs are the handshake of furries.”


2015 FURRY CRUISE:  November 16-22.

6-Day Western Caribbean from Miami.  More info at their site or

PAWcon announces Halloween date, and hotels are open now. 

It’s the second furry con in San Jose, CA!  Look for a longer article next week, about this under-covered new event at the famed Doubletree.


Art Appreciation and further fun


Controversial art show at Dallas Museum of Art apparently makes a negative statement about Furries and porn.

I happened to notice a rather interesting exhibit called “Mirror Stage”… the effect of the internet on how we view ourselves.

The poster shared some video of the show, but it was immediately deleted by DMCA takedown. I requested an update if they find a way to share.  It would be interesting to compare with a positive upcoming article, about a Furry erotica artist getting mainstream gallery showing in Italy. Look for that soon.

Exhibit: A Visual History of Society’s Monsters.

The above exhibit focuses on self-image in the digital age – this one covers historical images:

From medical deformities to military enemies, the impulse to turn the unknown and threatening into mythical monsters has endured for centuries. What Makes a Monster? is an exhibition threading through five libraries on the two campuses of the University of Southern California in Los Angeles, examining through art, literature, and other cultural objects who or what has been labeled a beast.

“Fursuit” dancing from internationally-lauded artist Nick Cave.

Old, but just shared to me:

This is what it means to be a subculture…  When people organically grow amateur, participatory conventions where some of them dress up in animal costumes and dance around, it’s treated as weird and stigmatized.  But when an Official Capital-A Artist does it at a museum or other public institution, it’s respected:

Nick Cave and Creative Time make magic happen at Grand Central Station. Total communal bliss and social walls disintegrating for whole happy minutes at a time. A thousand people as one emotional biomass. – (Video comment.)

Hey, latecomers, furries always knew about this!  Oh, you can see your show, but not go right up and hug them, or join in with your own costume… I know what fur cons do better.  However, no bitterness.  Points for artistically juxtaposing “horses” with the trains, and the goal to make a visionary experience in a mundane place.  I love writing about the spontanaeity of street-fursuiting, and it’s awesome any time creatures play in creative habitats.

7TEsvFnFrontier Air got attention for cute anthro mascots.

These mainstream mascots probably aren’t made with awareness of Furry subculture… but I don’t know, that fox looks pretty fabulous.  Either way, enjoy something loveable.

Fred Patten shares: ‘Ratchet & Clank’ Movie news.

Cartoon Brew reports that the movie has a distributor and release date.