“Unbelievably cute:” True-Tail animation series, from Skynamic Studios.

by Patch O'Furr

Submitted by Fred Patten, Furry’s favorite historian and reviewer.


Back in August 2013, Rod O’Riley’s In-Fur-Nation brought us the first news of Skynamic Studios’ “True-Tail” Adobe Flash animation series in preproduction.  “A place where six unruly mercenaries must learn to work together … Or succumb to an ancient dark magic.”  The six are Caleb, a kitten squire; Brutus, a bear warrior-knight; Viktor, a fox thief; Melody, a rabbit bard; Doh-Li, a half-dragon, half-deer priestess; and Kanikus, an ancient phoenix wizard.  The art design is – unbelievably cute.

Not much has been heard about it since then, until now.  Skynamic Studios recently released an updated online press release with a lot more art.  It’s worth checking out.


Skynamic Studios is a new “virtual studio” with no specific address.  All of its employees are freelancers who work at home and communicate online.  See their website for how this works.

– Fred Patten