Pacific Anthropomorphics Weekend blasts off on November 3-5.

by Patch O'Furr

EXTENDED PRE-REGISTRATION: Sign up by the end of day on October 10!

Register here to join the fun and support this young con.

San Jose, CA has two furry cons. Look at special places like that for ideas about how the fandom is growing. (See my article: One Town, Two Cons.) Do two cons show healthy demand and raise the bar for both?  Do they split the community?  Or are they just on different paths with one trying an out-of-the-box concept?  Well, it looks like win-win positivity in San Jose. The cons are so friendly that they share staff.

Pacific Anthropomorphics Weekend (PAWcon) is the upstart “relax-a-con” at the DoubleTree, previous home of Further Confusion.  400 or so furs went last year, making a just-right sized party on the shared balcony connecting the whole party floor. (You can bounce from room to room without traffic jams, and spend time with everyone – it’s the best party ever.) The con has grown by 100 furs-per-year, so expect more and better for 2017, their fourth year.

Keovi’s art

PAWcon is coming SOON, so register NOW! Here’s more info they sent:

“Pac Anthro League (PAWCon) is designed to foster co-involvement and inclusion between the intermingled groups within our shared community. We support local animal groups through charitable events, and educational outreach.

The goal is bringing together furry, pups, gaymers, and cosplay, among other groups, in a welcoming supportive environment. It enriches our community through outreach and educational inclusion of these various facets in the greater Anthropomorphic community.

Each community exists in their own right, though many members aren’t limited to just one group. Pac Anthro League believes that group co-operation and inclusion strengthens our diversity, making our community the open and welcoming place it is.

This years guests of honor Keovi and Alkali are both well known in furry community. Kevoi’s amazing artistic abilities in various mediums, from spray paint to print work, has delighted our community for years. Alkali is best known for his unique comedy style and generous heart, helping to raise money for charities around the country.”

Check out Keovi and Alkali on the GOH page.

And here’s the registration page again. Can’t wait to see you there.

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