Support Furry Nation by Joe Strike, out October 10 – with exclusive offer here for a free comic!

by Patch O'Furr

Previously posted – Review – Furry Nation: The true story of America’s most misunderstood subculture, by Joe Strike.

Finally, there’s a formally published book about furry fandom and its history. I think it’s overdue by a decade. It comes with excellent cred, being written by long time insider Joe Strike (who joined the fandom in 1989) and published by Cleis Press. Find out more from

To support the book: sign up to their Thunderclap campaign. Join fast, the launch is approaching!

Signing up concentrates support with one blast on social media.  Why help? Success of the book will support more and better plans. One commenter asked why the book says “America’s most misunderstood subculture.” It has to do with an American publisher focused on domestic readers, and much of the early history is tied to a few American places.  The book had to be kept inside a certain length, leaving wider topics out, but if it does well…

Author Joe Strike writes in with news, and an exclusive offer of a free comic:

“The official publication date for Furry Nation is October 10 – and some interesting things are already happening.

Last week I was interviewed by The New York Post. I supplied them with an assortment of furry art and fursuit photos. It looks like they’re going to give Furry Nation a nice write-up, and possibly explain Furry a little bit better than just about everyone else has so far. I’m keeping my fingers crossed – the only keywords attached to their recent story about the Connecticut councilman “exposed” as a furry were “Connecticut” and “Fetishes.”

I did my very first podcast this past weekend, appearing on and it was a ton of fun. They’ve asked me to come back anytime and I can’t wait to join them again. You can download or watch it here.

I’m offering a freebie to people who purchase Furry Nation through the book’s website.

There are links on the page to Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Click on any of those links, make your purchase, and forward purchase confirmation to me at, together with your mailing address and an over-21 age statement. I’ll send you a free copy of Komos & Goldie Number One: the premiere adventure of that scaly ‘n shiny super-team created by myself and the British fur known as ‘Desiring Change.’” (-Joe Strike)