Third arrest tied to Furry Raiders and Foxler/ Lee Miller.

by Patch O'Furr

Lee Miller, a Colorado furry fan and internet troll who goes by Foxler, is heading to trial for child sex offenses. His April 2019 arrest followed years of allegations of grooming and “neo-nazi-cult-like” activity in his group the Furry Raiders. Miller’s trial is set for May 26, 2020.

In February 2020, the investigation brought new charges for Miller. This followed a December 2019 arrest for his associate Jacob Kovar (known as Sneps or Flare). Kovar was a Furry Raiders admin with a felony record. He got arrested for alleged witness tampering in Miller’s case that was uncovered by Dogpatch Press. Kovar hid that activity as “Dodger”, Head of Security at a Wyoming furry convention that dropped him when the “batshit story” came out.

Third arrest on 3/6/2020

A new arrest puts a third name on public record. (Original source.) It’s a 23 year old man charged with “16-19-103 DENVER: TAMP W. EVID”.

It’s the same charge that Kovar was arrested for around 12/11/2019.  Indictment info hasn’t come in yet, and it doesn’t come with history like Miller and Kovar’s, and this person could have been manipulated to make mistakes, so details will be short. It does tie him to the Furry Raiders and a relationship with Kovar.

The man’s LinkedIn and Facebook pages place him at the University of Colorado Boulder, where he’s published as the author of a linguistics research paper: Furry Culture and an ‘Endearing’ Register. His full paper has a Google Doc that makes an interesting read. A Reddit profile ties it together.

He has furry accounts on Deviantart, Weasyl, Furaffinity, and Twitter. They show Kovar is his boyfriend and used fursona art he made. His Telegram account ties with his bio, and he joined the Furry Raiders just 5 days before Kovar was arrested in December. That doesn’t show much participation or being a habitual criminal or troll, and someone who wrote about personal issues could have been misled. If true, the friendliness of furry fandom could help him get out and help bring Miller to justice.

There’s more that isn’t public. Have more info? Private tips are very helpful so please get in touch to share with protection.

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