The Furry Music Anthology releases “New Horizons: The Anthrology Vol. II”

by Patch O'Furr

The Furry Music Anthology is uniting musicians, just like other furry artists, to share their music and be recognized with one collective platform. A themed series was launched with “Anthrology Vol. 1: A Song of Your Sona“. 13 musicians contributed using the Furry Musicians group on FurAffinity and Twitter. Now there’s a new edition featuring 15 musicians.

Get it here: (It’s all still free!)

Here’s what perked up my ears and made the music sound furry for me in this thoughtfully sequenced collection.

  • Wings of a Dream – New Dawn is a percolating rock opener, like coffee for mice before they do a secret mission in Catland.
  • Indy Go Rat – Maybe This Time is loopy Hüsker Dü indie rock for questioning existence.
  • Skunk Surfeit – Passion has a minimal beat that flips out with angsty fuzz, for venting about feeling dogpiled.
  • Jayden Raske Productions and Ikodo feat. Rye – Long for Rain is chill aquatic and jazzy, for otter floaty time.
  • Byeonaraye! – Twostep is a nice little nervous instrumental with beats & piano, for sneaking down an alley in Toontown.
  • RobinG – Fuzz is throbbing neon synthpop candy for dancing with your fursuit crush.
  • I.S.T – Your Life Remade is moody post-breakup rock with strings for a long walk in the woods.

There’s more from What Eyleth Thee?, Edward Sebastian, Cordial, Entro-P, TELOS, Out of the Way, ✞FOX, and Tomas Walker.

Co-founder Camarón the Flamingo writes:

After many months of production, we are pleased to announce The Anthrology Vol. 2: New Horizons. What was intended to be a New Years themed album got swept away in the chaos of 2020, and it had to be moved to a Summer release once everything got into order. We return with Bob Drake mastering the tracks and Fleeks designing the beautiful cover art.

This volume managed to include a few more songs than the first, and the variety of styles is just as diverse.

Alongside the release of this second album, we have opened up a few more avenues for people to support the Furry Music Anthology moving forward.
To bring support to the artists providing the cover art for the Anthrologies, we have started a merch store with the permission of the artists so far who have been involved with us. It’s a step forward for the future of the Anthology.

Support us here:

For now, proceeds of the merch store will go 100% towards the artists who create the art for the Anthrologies (and the merch store itself). Our plans moving forward are to eventually become an independent outlet for furry musicians to gain recognition, and, in time, income. As things stand, the Anthology is still non profit for anyone involved, management included.

The Furry Music Anthology has a Discord server that will soon be open to the public, but it is not quite ready yet. For those who wish to join, we will have that information released by the people at the Furry Musicians FurAffinity who have been the defacto hosts of the Furry Music Anthology for the time.

Thank you to all of the musicians involved in this second volume, Bob Drake for mastering, Fleeks for the art, and Kiko Picasso for helping managing.

Bob Drake is here on Furaffinity, Kiko Picasso is here and Fleeks is at

– Camarón the Flamingo, Furry Music Anthology Founder

More about musicians in the fandom:

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