Weird Portland, Pepper Coyote and a Sleestak are a perfect match for the dumpster fire of 2020

by Patch O'Furr

Two stories this week are an antidote to a year full of doom, gloom, fire, fury, and not nearly enough hugs and smiles.

First: Possibly some of the peak publicity furry music has ever gotten! Then, a scaly monster stalks the streets of Portland… here’s hoping he does a Q&A for us.

I found the mysterious creature’s email and reached out to learn more for furry news.


Rawr. I saw and tweeted about you. Here’s what my news site does:

If you’re interested, want to do a Q&A? You might enjoy one I did recently: “Very surprised and very grateful”: fursuit maker Beauty of the Bass talks about a $14,000 sale.

Here’s some of what I’m curious about:

  • Can you talk about your background and your art influences?
  • How does becoming the Sleestak feel when you’re in the moment doing a Sleestak Attack on the street?
  • Do you have a monster family (like helpers, people you will go with, hosts for events, bands you go on stage with) and what are they like?
  • Can you talk about the process of making him (and do you have any documenting, photo/video besides the short Oregonion video?) I thought it was especially creative to use the security camera domes for eyes.
  • I have a few articles about advanced creature making. I think your work could really inspire some furry fans who stick to a colorful cartoon aesthetic. Could you say anything to them about making different or more monstrous creatures than their usual kind?
  • Are you content being the Sleestak or will you do more creatures … or want to talk about other art you do for hire?
  • Lastly, I’m curious about your place in Portland… the weirdness, the protests, and the troubled times we’re living in. How do you feel about being part of it?

Patch O’Furr

The Sleestak’s habit of popping out in the wild reminds me of why Street Fursuiting is my favorite thing. I’ve written about it often, and hope the creature speaks out (or hisses, or whatever) to brighten up these wild times.

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