Miss shows and music? Melt your face with Algerian Furry Death Metal from GLÒZÓNE.

by Patch O'Furr

In March I had tickets to see Lords of Acid. They’re the industrial-rave act known for their 90’s banger I Sit On Acid. Furries with special taste may know it from the eye-popping video “Sexy male bunny fursuit striptease” from Albany Anthrocon 1997.  (Thank you Silfur Bunny for making furry weird. I love the video so much, and it deserves the fame that John Oliver gave to 90’s rat porn. r/industrialmusic thinks “it should just be the official video at this point.”)

Covid killed my plan to go fursuiting at the Lords Of Acid show. It killed the whole club. That was Slim’s in San Francisco, which hosted some of my favorite events. It was in the city’s night life hot spot with DNA Lounge, where furries, raves, drag, and goth all melted together for some of the best times I’ve had. Missing good shows is frustrating, and watching their venues die is a tragedy!

This made me think about hungry musicians needing work. I realized if you aren’t spending money on shows… you can make your own band. Yes, there are musicians who can work with you to infest other people’s eardrums. You can bring the rock like you can be your fursona. That’s how the world has this:

Press release for Glozone.bandcamp.com

GLÒZÓNE is ALGERIAN FURRY DEATH METAL. From the toxic ooze of a shattered planet crawls a hybrid creature. Redouane Aouameur is a musician from Algeria and veteran of the North African underground with his band Lelahell (Facebook.com/Lelahell). Patch O’Furr is the furry from San Francisco who runs Dogpatch.Press. Brutal yet gonzo, GLÒZÓNE will rock your face and tail.

BORN TO GLOW came from a plague ravaging the globe on Halloween in social isolation. Patch wrote lyrics in the spirit of Pungent Stench meets Ween in Dethklok’s dungeon. They appeared in an unholy dream for Redouane that compelled him to rock.

Patch says: “Furry Death Metal sounds like a shitpost, but this is a sincere tribute to the joy of being irradiated by the blasted monoliths of intersteller doom. In some conservative countries, it’s illegal and blasphemous to to be an LGBT furry. Metal and rebellion go together, and metalheads and furries are labels we use to rule our own lives. Perhaps the project is a bastard and that means we owe our dignity to nobody but ourselves. It comes from paying dues with money and flesh, from my whiskers to my tail and our mutated souls. I hope you laugh but also hear the diversity in our brutal music.”

It started with one track but there’s a batch written. It’s exciting to work with Redouane, who helped start a metal scene in North Africa. Algeria isn’t the most free country and it’s been through civil war, and he even had a manager assassinated years ago according to a band documentary. As bad as 2020 has been, things could be worse — so I say don’t wait for the world to get normal again. Lean in and make it weirder.

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