San Francisco Pride 2024 is coming, Northern California Furries need volunteers and funding

by Patch O'Furr

RSVP HERE to join the Norcal Furries in the 54th Annual San Francisco Pride Beacon of Love Parade.

On Sunday, June 30th, 2024, supporters for queer history and liberation will pack the city. It will be an amazing day for street fursuiting with a roaring crowd. Furries have over 20 years of fierceness in the parade, and last year we were runners-up for the Best Contingent award. This year we’re reaching even higher.

NEW private club party for furries!

For the first time, we have an entire club reserved for our own afterparty! The club can hold 400 and is walkable from the start and end of the parade.

Volunteers urgently needed, can you help? 

The NorCal Furries bring 100-200 members led by a small team of volunteers. We can’t do it without you. Volunteering is a good introduction for newcomers, and it’s low effort and just as fun in the parade. We need to keep asking until enough heroes raise their paws, and it has to happen early. Contacts below, PLEASE REACH OUT!

Can you help another way? DONATING IS LOVE.

Please be generous for the crowdfund. We make a great experience at low cost, with donations matched to go twice as far.

What this pays for: Party and more.

Our reserved club is 2 blocks from the Powell BART station. It’s a perfect location to meet and suit up before proceeding to the start of the parade, and a great place to meet afterward to desuit, eat, drink, relax and party. We’ll provide food, drinks, chill space and play space. We’ll need extra help to run it with doorkeepers, party monitors and DJ’s. Laws limit the club space to age 21+ with guests listed in advance, so reach out to get on the guest list or volunteer.

Stay tuned for more info, and look forward to being furry on TV!

Join the Telegram announcement channel and look for more directions here on the week of the parade. Also don’t forget to RSVP. All are welcome to march, under-21’s can join with alternate plans for starting. Main event info is at and the parade will be on TV and streaming with ABC-7 News Bayarea.


Want to join our chat group of 370+ members? Message @patchofurr or @zorenmanray or email here with any other questions.

Why we do it

Many furries are queer, and we come out to show love and pride, and our wonderful diversity in orientations and gender identities. We come out in memory of those who can’t join us anymore such as furry founder Mark Merlino who passed away this year and is survived by his partner and friends. We come out in defiance of those who wish to oppress our individuality and self expression. (The US Government is advising caution about threats to Pride events that deserve support more than ever.) Organizers include Relay, Spottacus, Zoren, Super Jay, Zain, Groggy, Didge, and Patch at your service. See the Pride tag for news from years past.

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